Saturday, November 22, 2014

stuff I love on etsy

 1. the littlechickadee's honeycomb necklace
2. bespokeglasstile's stained glass honeycomb drops
3. AsymmetreeDesign's Clock

first: TheDoubleDubs' all you need is love wall art
second: Soradesign's honeycomb necklace
third: Potteryhearts' miniature clay house
forth: FaithAdamsCeramics'  teacup
fifth: Yourbeeswax's beeswax blocks 
sixth: MelissaMayaPottery's honeycomb jar

So many items I would love to own.... even if you don't love bees you have to agree!

I am still linking this to art everyday month even though it's not my art. because I think browsing etsy can be a very creative thing to do... 
it's very inspiring and actually creating these collages in photoshop is  like making art... 
I had to struggle to learn it but it is fun once you get the hang of it....
 see you tomorrow!

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