Friday, June 24, 2011

this week... friday already

time is flying as always...Happy paintparty friday! This week I finished my spread in the wonderful sketchbook of It's so much fun to have them arrive in the mail and to slowly look over the few pages that are already done. I can't wait till they're almost full when they arrive. It will be that much harder to pass them along at the end of the month...

This spread is for June and I meant to go for a lady falling thru chaos with sharp landings, as I really hated the thought of June during each of my daughter's senior years. I hated the whole year actually, too much worrying and such. But once graduation came around I was fine and so were they. Anyway, this doesn't really represent my  thoughts so I tried again with the second picture. They just always come out cuter than I expect. Not the best photo this week...

and for the fiberart friday people... again I have to post my daughter's work, not mine...

Very Cheery! Her etsy shop:
won the nonteamchallenge this week, and everyone is using her snails: Gazpacho and Alfred, that I showed a few weeks ago, for the challenge. Hundreds of treasuries with those two little guys. So much fun! If you want to join here's the link to the rules:

and hello to the other friday and wednesday sites:
crafty friday, creative friday @ natural suburbia, and also to whimsical wednesday as always!!!
see ya next week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

wow, this week went fast...

Can't believe it's friday already, I haven't even visited all the sites from last friday.

So  Hello evryone at paint party friday! This week I have my jointed paper dolls to show you. They're painted in watercolor and cut out and put together with brads then decorated. They're already in my shop on etsy.

This is what I wrote about her for the shop: "This lady: Ceyandra is all about being green. She recycles, she takes care of the earth and she loves every minute of it. She'll be a reminder to reuse, recycle and make do, as well as to remind you to get out into the wild and enjoy life!!!"

This doll, Bronwyn, is all about her friends. She's funny, happy and the best friend you've always wanted. Having her hang around your house will remind you to pick up the phone and call a friend you haven't seen in a while, or you could even buy her for a friend!

And for fiberart friday people... Hello there too.... again I haven't felted all week but Brandy has. These are in her shop:
I love them!

Next week I should have a bunch to show as I'm working on dioramas in altoids tins, I'm trying to fininsh up a bunch of paintings and I'm about done with my sisterhood sketchbook. I totally love getting them in the mail  to look over!!!  Don't forget to also stop by creative friday, crafty friday and whimsical wednesday! Hello to everyone from there!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's wednesday and I've missed a few weeks of what's on your workdesk wednesday, but here's what's on my desk this week...
I have way too many ideas in my head and not enough time to do them... I've got about 20 paintings started and not finished, and now I'm starting dioramas at the request of a co-worker... I doubt they'll be done to show you by friday but maybe by next week...

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm back...

hello, I've been absent for a few weeks but happy to be back. The first friday a storm took out our internet and last friday our computer died completely... a brand new computer later and... here I am with finally my palette all done. It's been delivered to it's summer home for a few weeks... As almost an afterthought I added five words hidden in the clouds as a finishing touch. They're hard to see...

And haven't needlefelted in the whole time but my daughter made some totally adorable snails!!!

Stop by paint party friday and creative friday, crafty friday, whimsical wewdnesday, and fiberart friday to see more great stuff!