Friday, July 28, 2017

Rainbow rice

Sorry I have been absent from my blog for awhile. Too distracted I guess, but that's another story. Nothing bad, just changes.  I feel a bit more settled in now and I have sooo much art that you all haven't seen unless you follow me on instagram. I didn't want to just throw it all at you at once so I figured I'd pick out some themes and group them like that. 

So one "type" of painting I have been doing lately is what I have called my rainbow rice paintings. Mostly I have been doing these almost as meditation. They are mindless, mesmerizing and relaxing to paint. A nice way to totally get your mind focused on one thing, and not the thing worrying you! It works for me at least....

I start with a 6 petal pattern but if it goes wonky I don't mind at all. I just let the rice fall ..... 
I had 4 other artists say they tried it and posted pics of their result.... and they all felt the same about doing it as I did. Very calming, just watching paint move on the paper and concentrating on little shapes. 

I also have a notebook with this design on it to give away. Come back after the weekend when I will post the details on how to win! 

And next week I will also try to squeeze in a midweek post with another series of art I have been doing.... fried egg paintings! Really! See you soon!