Friday, May 18, 2012

all together now

OK, so for those of you from paint party friday or somewhere else that may not have heard about Amy's all together now.... We are each having a giveaway and bragging about ourselves a bit.

I'm finding that not as easy as it sounds....

So here's a few things about me,(which is part of the deal)

I'm married to my highschool sweetheart, in love since I was 12. Yeah. really! He's a good man and a good cook. We have 4 kids, the older girls are back home right now but will be gone back to college in the fall. They and my older son in highschool help us out incredibly with our youngest son who is 9 and autistic. He's a sweetheart who can be unpredictable to say the least. He's a loving little man who has no impulse control. And since he's mostly nonverbal he gets frustrated. All our worlds center around him.
But I guess that's not really bragging about me...

I am year and a half away from 50. Wow, that sounds old! I work full time trying to collect child support from people who don't want to pay child support. It can make you cynical and I REALLY am not a cynical person by nature. I am a look on the bright side, glass half full kind of person.

Here's a short story to tell you who I am...

At my job recently they had a health fair,and they had free 10 minute massages and free reiki treatments. I had never been to a reiki practioner before but I love all kinds of new stuff and things unusual or hippy like or alternative therapies, or whatever you may want to call this, so I watched a few people getting this done and they (who were totally skeptical to start with) left feeling better, relaxed. So I tried it, They had a shift change before my turn so I ended up with a different man doing this. He talked the whole time where as the other man had been silent. He told me he could tell I could read minds. (!) He told me I should stop reading the paper because he could tell I hold all the negative thoughts in my body. (I don't read the paper for that reason as I just can't handle any more bad news). He said I need to learn how to release all the negative energy I'm holding. I was right there with him ... buying what he had to say... until....

I mentioned my autistic son when he asked where I was getting all my stress, and he replied....
You're son must be an alien from a planet where they have no need for speech because they communicate in other ways, such as music or something. So you need to find how he communicates.

He lost me right there.... So here's some advice .... if you barely know someone, don't tell them their son must be an alien They might be affended.
So anyway, I haven't bragged yet... here goes...
I have confidence in my art, I may not be the best but it's the one thing I am confident in. I feel like I could paint or draw anything if given the time.

OK,  not much of a brag but it's all I can come up with right now! On the right day I'm sure I could be full of myself but not today...The ladies in my art throw their arms wide and sing "I am wonderful" but some days I have trouble with that!
Here's some sketches from my latest obsession: I am addicted to carrying my sketchbook every day and putting art in it. Quick art that will remind me how things looked, felt and smelled. Not perfect art just art to remind me of my life....

I love walking in cemetaries

A haiku for you of some of my favorite things...
for more favorite things ...check out Artist's Play Room this week..

Potions and lotions
things in pretty packages
hot tea,  green drinks, books

almost forgot today's face for 29 faces

and of course I have to show my latest mandala...

And here's the giveaway... just leave a comment for a chance to win!

Come back monday for a pic of the FIRST SECRET Dream Skirt! if you missed it here's the story on why YOU NEED a Secret Dream Skirt! I'm giving away badges! Every monday I am planning a tutorial or video about a project a member of the SDSSociety made in their get-togethers or about a skirt or about something related! This monday I showed a sketch and story about the founding member...  it'll be fun! See you!


  1. Delightful haiku and awesome creations ~ will check on the Monday dream skirt ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  2. your work is always a delight to see...i was going to say behold...but geez...i think that went out a million years ago...bringing up 4 kids is a brag...i have 6 and that leaves not much time for anything else...i have a couple of kids with extra needs as makes your world as yu say...a glass half full kinda world...i wouldn;t have it any other way...(most of the time)...looking forward to seeing your next work, you are so skilled at wayer

  3. Very much enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing. Loving your wonderful creations. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Gorgeous paintings!!
    Can't wait to check out Amy's All Together Now partay!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. your art-work is so lovely and pleasing to my eyes....your haiku stated the facts so well.....I love walking in cemeteries, too!

  6. Now, why would you not be relaxed and encouraged to hear your child is an alien? One of my friends has a non verbal child (not from autism) and I am frequently amazed by how much love and tenderness they communicate - especially when I see families with full communication skills that don't seem to be able to know how to even say the words, let alone communicate the feelings. Your sketchbook is fabulous! Looking forward to Monday and the SDSS!

  7. Wow! Since 12?? You are one lucky lady. :) I can tell you're a proud mama, too. :) And i always enjoy your artwork.

  8. this is a beautiful post. thank you for writing so openly about your self and all that comprises your life. i am intrigued with the idea of the layers of life, and the secrets that are innermost under what is more easily displayed in our outer selves.
    looking forward to your first secret dream skirt!

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous art as always..I am in love with your dandelion mandala..I love dandelions...lovely to hear more about you...shine on..and thanks for continuing to inspire and dazzle!

  10. You certainly COULD paint anything! Love your sketchbook and, yes, I was a little weirded out by that guy who thought your son is an alien! lol! It was fun reading all about you! I almost did this All Together thing, but I was feeling overwhelmed with keeping up on what was already on my plate, so I bailed out. :) The responsibility of coming up with an item to mail to someone just pushed me over the edge, lol! Hope you have lots of fun with this!

  11. What a gorgeous blog! I'm so happy to find this via Amy. I have worked with dozens of families in which one or more of the children are on the Autism spectrum. People can be so ignorant and insensitive. GRRRR!

    I'd love to win your fabulous prize! So lovely!

    I will be back to follow the links to your magical art and story! Blessings and love to you and yours!

  12. OMG...I am nearer 50 than you...I have an autistic 13 year massage...and would have shoved all my negative feelings where the sun don't shine! Cheeky T**t!!! It's a good job he said it to some one as lovely as you, as I'm sure you are reading my mind I don't have to tell you what I would have done to him :D You may struggle to brag about yourself, but those of us who see your art brag about you ALL the time :D You are FABULOUS, and WONDERFUL and most BEAUTEOUS :D XXX

  13. I think you should brag about not punching Mr Reiki Energy in the face. That's remarkable self-control!

    And I adore your falling ladies!

  14. wonderful artwork. You have been busy! Happy PPF

  15. Beautiful sketches and awesome mandala!

  16. OOh, OOh, consider me COMMENTING for that necklace, it's beautiful. Thanks so much for painting your favorite things. I love your submission. just beautiful. you are a very good artist although I know it's hard to blow your own horn. Thanks for participating, hope to see you next week!

  17. Your watercolors are SO beautiful! Love the vivid colors on the dandelion!

  18. After reading "in love since [you were] 12" I didn't think I would find anything more incredible. Then I saw your paintings and gasped. They are amazing; they look like summer yum!

  19. Andrea, i am so sorry that dickhead said your son was an alien. That man was an insensitive jerk. an alien insensitive jerk.
    I'm glad you have confidence in your art. Your watercolor sketches blow me away. The fact that you're using your sketchbook as a daily journal/diary/record keeping thing/whatever you call it, is great - i am envious and maybe will try to do that too. i have this book that my friend carmen sent to me about a man who decided to start sketching Everything after his wife was confined to a wheelchair. Drawing the world around him and keeping a daily record of how things were visually helped him remember so much more than just how things looked at that time. The book is basically a progression of his sketches, but it's really cool.
    I'm afraid my description doesn't do it justice.
    We haven't unpacked our books yet - but when we do i'll try to find the book so i can give you the author's name and stuff - you might really like it.


  20. What good.... wonderful watercolors. Saludos

  21. I'm worn out reading all this.... I'd stick with the Reiki - but find a better practitioner (no jerks allowed). Reflexology is amazing too.
    Well, you know how much I love your ladies and your mandalas frankly bowl me over (them being round and amazing and all).
    Party hugs and big Mwahh

  22. I am more impressed with your beautiful art than ever. Clearly, you find peace and happiness there, and take it with you.

  23. 1. I can't wait to see the picture of your secret dream skirt. I've got an idea for one of my own but I'm not sure how quickly I can pull it off.
    2. you need to get better at bragging, girl. because your art is amazing. and clearly you are kind, loving, dedicated, funny, talented, and hardworking.
    3. did you hear that noise a few minutes ago? it was me smacking my head over the alien comment. un-f-ing-believable.
    4. badges are awesome.
    5. so are you.

  24. Love your pages and your Haiku is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  25. Love the necklace and put me in that draw baby... and the favourite things drawing is magic, as is your mandala and the face... you should be confident in your art cause it is special.... and you achieve so much for someone who gave birth to an alien.... OMG I love freaky people like that... I always feel so grounded and normal after meeting them... remember some poor sod has him as a father... they probably think he is the alien...xx

  26. Ok, your art is just lovely! Your techniques are superb! I want to be you. :) Happy PPF!

    I'm going to win. just sayin.

  27. So pretty how the images are just randomly placed but make up a lovely whole that tells a story. Love your color pallet.

  28. Bless potions and lotions for helping us to feel better...and better about ourselves!

    Time to Say Good-Bye

  29. Oh, your art is wonderful! I am in love with your journal pages - they are amazing.
    And the reiki guy is amazing, too, but in an entirely different way. I mean, WTF??? Really? Wonder what color the sky is on HIS planet...

  30. I love your art and I love your blog! You don't need to brag - your words and art do it for you! Your watercolors are so lovely, and I really admire your daily sketchbook work you're doing - it's something I'd like to do, but never seem to... Your falling ladies are just amazing, how unique and wonderful.

    Juat keep ignoring the ignorant asses out there... gotta go subscribe to your blog....

  31. I love your art, too, dear. Your sketchbook is awesome and those dandelions!! WOW!
    I am a former crystal healer and I've been working in a new age shop for many years. I've met seious healers but also the worst braggers in the world, so I can understand your story about your son.... Some people ( a vast number, I think) lack empathy and choose to become "healers" because of the money they can make. I have known many of them who came to my crystal healing courses. Bad people who could do bad things... That's why I stopped giving courses.

  32. Oh, Andrea....the more I visit you here, the more impressed I leave! Your life just seems so full, yes, with obligations, sure....but mostly, with LOVE!! Love of nature, of family, of creating, of weaving looks so easy and natural for you...and that is a hard thing to pull off!

    You are amazing. I like you so much :)

  33. I love hearing more about the folk that I've come to know through PPF and it's so interesting to learn that you chase people for child support as thats exactly what I used to do for 4 years. it was such a soul destroying job so I admire you for still doing it. As for being mum to a child with autism, I can only imagine the difficulties as well add the rewards that brings with it and think that is absolutely something to brag about-so much of your life is given over to caring for your son and yet you still find time to make amazing beautiful art.and I totally agree with not reading the papers or even watching the news on tv as it just makes me sad and/or angry!

  34. The pictures in your sketch book are so, so, so good... I really love them.

    What a completely wacky guy to say that about your son!!! I think he was trying to help in a nutty, insensitive way...I guess.

    Yea. The child support thing. I could see where that would be a downer. On the other hand, when you get money for someone trying to collect so they can get stuff for their kids, then you are a hero!

  35. Oh I think you have lots to brag about. I KNOW you're a wonderful mother from what I just read, an advocate for children and parents in your professional work life, an entertaining and interesting writer AND a FABulous artist. I'm sure there is much more...but that's off the top of my head.

  36. Your mandala's are awesome! You certainly have lots to brag about--your family sounds lovely!

  37. I'm blown away by your Dandelion wishes. Glad it's me and not the dandelions. They look quite full of seeds. But I was most amazed by your job. This must be both gut wrenching and rewarding (at times).

  38. Thanks for sharing so much of your intimate self!!!I loved reading it!! That guy was an alien...what a horrible rude thing to say!! I wish your son love!!! Thankfully you are a glass half full person!! Also glad you help people get their much needed child support...when so many never get it!! Wonderful art work as always!!

    Hugs Giggles

  39. Oh I so love your post and that you married your school sweetheart, how special ! Thanks for sharing your story ! and I always love your art ♥ xoxo

  40. Your art is so beautiful and now I understand where it come from. A wonderful husband and four beautiful kids, each very special in their own way and such a special job too.
    Don't worry about the numbers in your age, I am 'forty-ten' and act thirty five. Keep doing your beautiful art, as that is one of my favourite things.

  41. This is such a personal story & you have exposed yourself in a way that although you don't realise - it says you are wonderful, I was touched by your story (fell in love at 12 - now that's magic) and your love of your children & how you didn't SLAP that insensitive moron that told you your son was an alien!!! You throw your arms open through your falling ladies & each & everyone confirms how wonderful & talented you are Andrea - love your post & big hugs xoxo

  42. That was fun! Reading all about you and then the Dream Skirts - How cool is that!? Sounds like you have a wonderful, busy family and life - and to fit in art and Etsy besides - I am impressed!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and I am SO glad that you'll be joining the Summer of Color! It really is a lot of fun, Kristin xo!

  43. You are a wonderful artist and thanks for sharing your story. That was an odd thing the reiki practitioner said, but take the alien part away, and there is a kernel of truth in trying to find a way for him to communicate. Thinking of you.

  44. *waves hi* - i'm a little late to your party but it's so good to "meet" you. i really dig the "falling ladies" and you should be every bit as confident in your artwork as you are - it's dreamy. i love it. i am not a huge fan of still lifes but i love yours and now i have a hankering for a cup of tazo tea. (also, if someone told me one of my sons was an alien i might be like, i know, right? but i totally get how weird that is and i avoid new-agey people for reasons like that, i'm okay with my own weird beliefs but not so open-minded with people that might REALLY believe in stuff in a more tangible way, if that makes sense - i'm all hippie dippie in my theories but not so much my practice).

  45. Your artwork is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story. my youngest grandchild was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes a year ago at the age of 3. I can only imagine the effect your sons' condition has on the whole family. I love your courage and your love comes out in your sketchbook renderings.

  46. I loved learning more about you and your life Andrea. I think your artwork is great and I really admire that you are so busy but still make room for your art, something I should learn from you. I love walking in cemeteries, too. I can't believe that guy told you that your son was an alien. What a creep. I wonder if he really believes all that crap he's selling.

  47. Your sketchbook art is wonderful!!!!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio