Friday, April 27, 2018

More characters

Meet Willow! She loves snails and polkadots, has a strong sense of smell, and cries easily.

And then there is Laurieth.... a shy little girl, who loves reading in quite places, sketching bugs and ferns 🌱 and mushrooms 🍄 in her little notebook. 📓 She lives with Auntie Margo May in a little town in Cape Cod. Willow and Georgie and Gen are her best friends. You’ll meet Gen soon. Laurieth’s cousins, Lil’ Pea, Nut Butter and Sellie June live with her as well. 

Auntie Margo May loves cats and owns a flower shop!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Another 100 day project

Last year it was #100days of joyous watercolor.....

This year it is #100daysofcharacterplay....

And then last but not least... here’s a pic of the latest hashtag going around Instagram.... to surround a selfie with all your art. I had to join in. It has been really fun seeing all the other artist play along as they all seem to fit the art they create!

Have a good week everybody!!!!