Friday, November 18, 2011


I woke up this morning singing a Keith Partridge song:
 " I woke up in love this morning,
went to bed with you on my mind!"

Anyone else old enough to have watched the Partridge family too!!!???!

I also woke up to snow all over the ground this pretty!

I even walked thru it to take these pics for you...(so now you owe me).... when I think of what I want I'll let you know!

And it's a big birthday week here, one of my sons, one of my daughters and I all have birthdays within a week or so. I've got  a few more years before the big 50 so all's good!!!!!!

I've been working in my little fat goddess altered book that I posted the cover to a few days ago.... and I did a page following Amy's technique....

I layered scrap papers down and I used a quick dry white glue that was a bit messy but it did dry very quick,, scotch brand I think for scrapbookers, then I painted over it with acrylics, then I sketched this lady on top, painted over my sketch with acrylics and added colored pencil on top, I don't like her neck and will have to go back and cover it up a bit but I like the rest alright.

Not my most perfect piece of art but it was fun and isn't that the point!

It's a relaxing technique... to see more of it check out Amy and Natasha's altered book, free class over at Flutterbye. You'll be glad you did...

And I'm linking to paint party friday! Can't wait to see what everyone else did this week, and also to Inspiration Avenue because for once I did something that fits their theme!

And don't forget you have till the 20th or so, (I may get lazy and wait a few more days), before I do the drawing for my pendant, art and ACEO giveaways. Just click on the tiny little linky at the top to see my interview(the first one) and cut and paste it to your blog and answer the questions yourself, then link back to the linky or leave a comment on a post here, which is what some people have done. Either way as long  as I find it you're entered! See ya!


  1. ooow she is beautiful Andrea!! I too am thoroughly enjoying those classes :D XXX

  2. Love the layered process you describe. Ive never tried that but man does it sound fun. and your art is lovely and make me think of lots of different feelings for this girl. snow is so wonderful I cant wait till we have a big ole snowstorm here in dog loves to romp in the snow.

    - KAT -

  3. This is beyond gorgeous. I love it. Simply beautiful. You sure used a lot of layers. I would never have guessed.

  4. Happy Birthday to all and especially to you Andrea! Best wishes for a great celebration and many many more.

    I love your harlequin girl and her question mark tattoo!

  5. Nicely done! And the process sounds like loads of fun!

    Happy, happy birthday, Andrea!

    And Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. She is done very creatively ~ Love the art style ~~ Thanks, namaste, Carol ~ (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  7. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment....haha!
    Love what you did on this the sketchy lines and the addition of the question mark... can keep the snow, though.....definately not my thing...heehee ;D

  8. Terrific picture, so unusual and thank you for sharing the photos. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, x

  9. Snow!!!! I just got out of the pool because summer has arrived with a vengeance over here... the snow looks pretty wonderful... not as wonderful as your harlequin piece though... OMG that is awesome ... happy ppf xx

  10. oh wow! she turned out great! snow... ew.

    Happy Birthday's all around... soon at least ;)

    xx Jaime

  11. Happy Birthday! I remember the tail end of the Partridge family but I was more of a Brady Bunch Kid. I adore, really, really adore this journal page! ~Happy Paint Party Friday! #9 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  12. i have to admit that i do not miss the snow at all but your photos make it look (misleadingly) lovely! ;-)

    and i loved the partridge family... that song always makes me smile.

    your harlequin captures so much raw emotion. very nice!

  13. She looks great, very dramatic ♥

  14. oh, I am so drawn to her face. Really bold. ...Happy Birthday1

  15. Love your painting, and I am looking forward to seeing your continuation of the story next week! Valerie
    PS Please keep the snow where you are!!

  16. She is wonderful-I LOVE that question mark on her cheek!
    Happy Birthday- doesn't it feel so good to still be in our 40's?
    And yes, I remember the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch- those were the days :)

  17. Oh, that Amy...she is spreading glue and joy all over the place, isn't she?

    I really like this a lot. It has an air of mystery.

  18. Hope I'm not too late for this one. Love your snow pictures. I've only seen snow once... when I was about 10, and that's too long ago to explain.

  19. Can't find the interview, and time is running out... HELP!

  20. the snow pictures are beautiful!!!!!!! oh, I wish we would have snow here for the holidays!

    Love your art work, too! xo

  21. Lovin this!
    I love the idea of a goddess book,
    but just can't imagine how I would get to that...

    And you can keep the snow :)

  22. Wow..absolutely beautiful..she is magnificent!

  23. I really love her neck - it's different!

  24. She's beautiful, I love the harlequin makeup on her eye, and the question mark. I'm always intrigued by layering...I will check out Amy's technique.

    Snow? Already? Those are beautiful pictures, and I hope I can just enjoy it in a photo for now :)

  25. This is SO pretty!! I love the question marks on the eyes and the harlequin details!! Happy almost birthday to you all! xoxo

  26. AWESOME! love your harlequin piece.

    It's heading into summer here in Australia, that snow looks so cold and refreshing, I wish I could reach into the computer and grab some for my drink!

    Thanks for the blog visit and the lovely comment.
    I notice you have a link to the palette and paint party, thanks for including it on your blog and I look forward to seeing your materials soon.


  27. Lovely page and it does look like it was fun. Harlequins are so interesting! I like the neck as it is, myself.

  28. shoot! andrea! i forgot to remind you that it's your week for the neverending story!

    you're up :)))


  29. oh! andrea! i hope you get this in time. i Straight Up forgot to add valeries part of the story. it's up now, i hope this hasn't screwed you up too badly - i'm so os sososooooo sorry.
    i feel terrible.

    i think i assumed that since i could see her portion, it would magically appear where it was supposed to be :((

    i'm really sorry.

    i bet this really sets you back.
    if you need extra time, just let me know.

  30. i came back again to tell you how insanely sorry i am. i know what an inconvenience it is that i didn't tell you there was a new portion. i'm so sorry.

    i can't believe i did that. i will put up a long boring apologetic blog post in a bit.


  31. I love the Partridge Family !!!

    Snow...not so much. I know our turn is around the corner, so I still have some time for an attitude re-adjustment!

    Your Goddesss is coming along beautifully ! Love that rich layered look.
    Happy Friday!

  32. wow, snow already- it looks beautiful! everyone seems to be getting to attend Amy's classes except me! i like this piece-it's still very your style but different - i can see Amy's influence there!