Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my fat little goddess

I have been watching the videos over on Amy's Flutterbye (see sidebar) that she and Natasha are teaching on book altering. All the classes are FREE! and inspiring!

I love the reasoning behind offering it free... and I'm not sure if these are partially her words from somewhere on her site or mine (!?):

there's enough for everyone,

there's no need for all the artistic competitiveness

so share what you know...

so far they've worked through picking your book, thinning pages, preping, playing, painting the cover and putting in a zipper.... I'm still afraid of the zipper even after watching that one, plus my book is VERY old so the strings may not be able to handle the stress of the zipper. I'm still working on a portrait on one of the pages I collaged on, but here's the cover...

I may not be done, After seeing it here I think it needs some black words stamped in the background or something. Putting her on the cover does sort of make the book about a theme now, but that's OK, I want it to be full of powerful,
 and maybe stories of goddesses or such.

She sort of reminds me of the Venus of Willendorf or one of the other old ones, I could see it made of a tiny piece of clay on some long ago altar (minus the bright colors). and... just because I love them....

here's a few goddesses, some are based on real artifacts and some aren't.

Oh, I'm linking this up to the butterfly effect as their theme this week is also goddesses!


  1. What a lovely goddess. Yes there is enough for everyone! Everyone wins.

  2. Fabulous cover!! She's beautiful and definitely makes me intrigued to see the future contents of this book!

    And beautiful pendants, all.

  3. Oow! She is one Powerful Goddess!!! Her high energy levels show in the fabulousness of her colours. A true burst of Sunshine :D XXX

  4. Wow. How powerful is your goddess? I love her. I am so happy you are enjoying the classes. We are enjoying doing then.

  5. I love her colorful, round body and her serenity...she's beautiful and she knows it ;P

  6. OK, so I'm shrieking with delight! She is amazing! I want her to come and live here .. very clever. :o) Donna

  7. That is fabulous, Andrea! :) Love the fat goddess and love the pendants. :)

  8. She is so adorable I love chubiness I am a fat goddess and we are strong women xxx I love the pendants too. You have a fantastic blog xx Hugs Pascale

  9. I love Her and can't wait to see the pages of her book evolve :)

  10. Wonderful colors, I like, like an ancient goddess of fertility.

  11. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Love all those bright colours!

  12. I love your "falling ladies." Funny thing, I thought I joined your blog as a follower long time ago, during OWOH? Apparently it was so hectic that somehow I neglected to. I am glad I went to Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog this morning and found you again.

  13. this is wonderful. i love the goddess, and i am So glad that you are enjoying the class!
    i really really am glad that you are there.