Friday, August 28, 2015

Mandala on a T-shirt

I wanted to try to use up some fabric paint and see how this would work on a I cut some shapes from craft foam and glued them to pill jars for stamps....

Friday, August 21, 2015

Glimpse in my sketchbook

I have still been busy creating botanical paintings in my sketchbook. I missed the time frame to submit them to spoonflower's contest but that doesn't really matter. I have been enjoying doing about one a day on my lunch hour, as a break from mandalas for just a bit. Soon, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

So if you were here to see, you would see me sitting alone in a cemetery on my lunch and think me sad, or lonely but i am really enjoying my little bit of quiet time. Cemeteries are nice and quiet and they are an easy place to find something to sketch, although i usually sketch the wildflowers at the edges instead of flowers placed on stones. Wildflowers are on my mind alot lately, if I could just shut off the new ideas I have so it would be easier to concentrate on the old, started already ideas... but that doesn't happen.

 I keep picturing doing a whole series of unruly wild flower paintings, Maybe that would be the name of the series, 
Unruly, Wild Flowers, 
Obstreperous, Turbulent, Wild Flowers
Enthusiastic, Tousled, Untamed Wild Flowers
Boisterous, Uncontrolled, Intractable, Madcap, Wild Flowers
or even...
Riotous, Rowdy, Unkempt, Fierce, Defiant, Wild Flowers

(yes, i needed to use a thesaurus for that)

Friday, August 14, 2015


Here's a page from my sketchbook done with pen and watercolor, like the sketch i showed last but just worked on a little more. I want to make some botanical fabric like i said, so i am practising. More to come as once you start with botanicals you can't stop.....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

quick sketches

a few sketches in preparation for a botanical page i want to do in my sketchbook to make into spoonflower fabric. Submitting to spoonflower was on my list to do this year, and botanical is their current contest. I love that style fabric so i thought i may give it a try.
I will let you see it if i get a page done...
in the meantime i am linking to Sunday sketches...

Thursday, August 6, 2015


just playing a bit with paint and texture, after seeing all the index cards from ICAD, i ended up wanting to make just a few. I didn't join in this year but i wanted to try out a few texture things.
they aren't what i was trying for but i have so many other projects going that i couldn't keep trying. most of my current projects involve mandalas but i can't post them so this is all i have to show for paint party friday... 
I am still meeting my deadlines for the upcoming book;
Mindful Mandala for the Inspired Artist.
with two other artists 
published by Walter Foster Publishing 

and I will be submitting a coloring book page for
heART Journal digital Magazine Colorbook 
coming out this future holiday season.
and i have started work on an e-class on mandalas my way as well. 
so much to do, so little time...