Sunday, August 9, 2015

quick sketches

a few sketches in preparation for a botanical page i want to do in my sketchbook to make into spoonflower fabric. Submitting to spoonflower was on my list to do this year, and botanical is their current contest. I love that style fabric so i thought i may give it a try.
I will let you see it if i get a page done...
in the meantime i am linking to Sunday sketches...


  1. Nice sketching. I am glad you included the weeds. :)

  2. These are very pretty! I love the sweet pea flowers!

  3. oh wow.. these look so pretty and delicate. Love the weeds too- in some cases they are as pretty as flowers. Not sure how they become 'weeds'? Beautiful sketches!

  4. I love botanical illustrations! I really like old botanical and nature books like the Audubon birds book! :-)