Thursday, August 31, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Art in hearts

Hello, it is Friday already..... time is flying!
I did the 100 day project earlier this year, which for me just means I tried to create a watercolor every day for 100 days. I used the hash tag #100daysofjoyouswatercolor on instagram to post them. I  really just had fun and it wasn't about obligation or forcing myself to create it was about finding the joy in it. I missed a few days here and there but I have kept going after 100 and now I have so much art I haven't posted here on my blog. That is how the rainbow rice, and the fried egg art cane about. And it is also how these heart quotes came about... one piece leads to further exploration just for the sake of exploration!!! Then, you have this large body of work to either ignore, or to pick and choose from as far as which direction to head in next. This lettering has been really fun for me... and I have gotten offers to do wedding gifts (which I will post after the wedding) !
It is all fun stuff!!!! So here are a bunch of the photos.... see you all next week or before!

And here are my designs that I mentioned last week finally on the delivery van!!!! How cool is that?!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Inspiration everywhere

So much beautiful floral inspiration from my yard this year.... if only I had time to paint them all. But I did just complete these floral swags as a commission for a friends website! I can't wait to see them used. Some I did earlier for her business cards are even going on her delivery van! So cool!
Check it out here!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Fried egg art

I am behind on doing the rainbow rice notebook giveaway that I promised but here is the fried egg art I promised.... I do it for all the same reasons I did the rainbow rice....meditative and calming to watch the paint flow in waves of egg shaped lines! Weird I guess, but truly fun!

First one is redwoodwillow handmade paints, second is imlothmelui handmade paints, and lady is Jane Davenport bright watercolors. 

And I can't remember if I posted this......

I don't know why I painted it! Honestly, no idea...... I wasn't hungry and I don't like fried eggs that much at all. They do LOOK cheery though.  

I promise I will do the giveaway soon.  happy paintpartyfriday!