Monday, May 23, 2011

IF Soaked

This is a painting I started some time ago but never finished. I had already done the rain so when IF's theme was "soaked" I decided to finish it. I honestly don't remember my exact thoughts about why I started it, but I suppose it's a bit self explanatory... You can come up with your own ideas about it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

This week...

Hello, another week's come around... We've had a few horrible, no good, very bad days I've been too busy too post. I have made treasuries on etsy though... they're great as an escape from things as they're quick, and creative. If you've never made one it can be addicting. You pull together art, photography and etsy items and create a mood. Like some people match an outfit or plan a quilt or whatever, by picking the right colors and styles and themes. I've done ones lately with themes like: when I wear my bay bracelet I feel like the lady of the lake, the lillypads wait for me and the dragonflies know my name...
and when I wear my alpaca shrug I feel like a goddess on Mt. Olympus!. They're fun. If you want to see them you can click on my shop on the right sidebar, go to my profile and click on latest treasuries. I'm even thinking in treasuries now... maybe I shouln't admit this, lest you think I am crazy but I was driving to work, it was rainiy and all of the sudden lately very green. Its a curvy road, lots of trees and a creek beside the road... such a  pretty, watery scene. I was thinking how pretty, when a new white truck came toward me from the other direction. I immediately thought, "NO, that's wrong, it doesn't fit. But thank goodness it wasn't red, that would have been totally out of place but an old junker Ford Pick-up might have been better!" That's when I realized I may be spending too much time on etsy!

So anyway... earlier this week I did get some things done...I finished the two tiny needlefelted worlds...

And my daughter made this...a little needlefelted box for a tooth fairy or a ring...

and I have been working on my palette. It will be done next week...

 And I received My sisterhood of the traveling sketchbook in the mail from PritiLisa. It's a wonderful shrine box! The one photo shows her first page and my page for May! I did a painting of a girl in a pink bathrobe as I remember a trip to Washington DC when I was young when I went outside early in the morning still in my bathrobe and could smell sooooo many spring flowers and flowering trees!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

IF Safari

You don't think they look like they're on a safari? Really? Well, they're out there in the wild, building a bonfire to keep the wild animals at bay. Really, they are!

This week...

I gave up trying to do my post friday with all of bloggers troubles... but here' s what I made this week...I made a little needelfelted "belly bird" like my little paintings. It's alpaca  except for the belly and beak. 

I started a few little fairy worlds inside an antique canning jar lid, that I posted part of on wednesday, but I haven't finished them yet... maybe next week...

My daughter made a snake, Balthasar...

Both are available in her shop...

And I worked just a bit on the palette... I haven't had much time to work on it as it's much more of a project to get out , much more involved than grabbing a needle and sitting on the couch while I work. I even brought it home, (it had been at my mother's to keep it out of my son's grasp) but that hasn't given me much more time. I have to make it a priority soon as the deadline is 2 weeks away...

I still have to blend the purple up into the light blue adding clouds as I go. I know I should have done that at the very beginning but like I said, I think backwards with watercolors...
then to finish the faces and add some more ribbons and the birds.... OK, I'm panicking!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Another week has come around... time for WOYWW. Here's what's on our dining room table when my daughter and I are working on needlefelting... we have thebags of wool spread out, and my basket of sewing supplies for sewing eyes on whatever we create, we're working on tiny fairy lands, a snake, a bird and a cupcake.... hopefully will have finished photos to show by friday. You'll have to stop back to see what we accomplished.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Something from my sketchbook: the theme for creative tuesday is purple and the theme for the sketchbook challenge this month is resist. So this applies to both, I can't resist anything sweet, specially pie. I never used to like fruit pie, I liked peanut butter pie and pecan pie, and of, course my favorite was my mom's lemon merangue pie, but now I like grape pie and rhubarb pie, etc etc etc. Don't you just love the scene in the movie; Michael, where they're eatting pie at the diner and they're talking about they're favorite kinds and she sing a song about pie? (The photo is bad, couldn't get a good shot, too blurry.)

Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once o well it's pie
an' wet bottom.
Come to your place everyday if you've got em'
Me o my
I love pie

And since my yard finally looks like spring I had to post some pictures... this morning it looked like a fairy land, the grass completely covered with forget me knot, violets and there' purple Myrtle out back, which crept over from the cemetary which is behind my yard, now they're mostly gone as we had to mow. Sucha  shame. Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

This week...

Hello, It's been busy here, but I managed to get a few things done...

The first 2 pictures are brooches with pin backs sewed on, the last one of the two toadstools is being featured in the 1000thingsalpaca team challenge right now on etsy. they're all available in my daughter's shop:
You should go see the new dinosaur and elephant that she needlefelted!

And I painted these 2 little, tiny canvases of "belly birds" for my etsy shop. I have so many more in my head if I just had time to get them all painted. I like them because they're so quick... unlike the huge palette I'm still working on slowly. Pictures of that to come soon, as well as pictures of the wonderful sketchbook I received in the mail and will be adding my spread to soon.
and don't forget to stop by the angelfaces charity auction going on, it's almost over...just click on the picture on my sidebar!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

IF... Lesson

The lesson to be learned from this little ACEO (2.5x3.5) watercolor is...
 to be aware of wonder! Find the joy in the simple little things in life, the books, the hugs, the bubbles in the sink, the spring flowers and the squishy mud!

May baskets

I realize this may give the secret away if the person who received this may basket reads this post... but I'm pretty sure she'll guess the culprits anyway...
 My daughter and I were out delivering a May basket first thing this morning!
 I made my first attempt at a wet felted flower last night... it idin't work very well as I had clumped fiber not strands, so I ended up adding more fiber and needlefelting. It's a bit lumpy but not bad for a first attempt, and with a few real flowers from my yard, I think it made a pretty May basket. The basket itself is a rolled up recycled Wegan's flyer...

We sneakily drove over, parked around the corner from my Mom's house and snuck to the door... My daughter hung the basket, got a quick picture and knocked before we took off running, only slowed down a little by dropping a cell phone. I don't think we were caught, well, not by my mom at least, but a curious neighbor came out to check of we were burglars I believe. Fun!