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I am an artist who squeezes time to create in whenever I can. I have 4 kids; 3 are older and the youngest is 11 and autistic. So sometimes it is hard to make time for art, but it seems there's always lunch hours.

 I have always considered myself an artist even when I didn't paint. For years when my children were little I didn't accomplish too much artistically. I always thought there would be time for it when they were older. Then I had my last child at 39 and we got his autism diagnosis a few years later. Suddenly I realized there wouldn't be time later so I might as well start now.

I started doing watercolors and the falling ladies appeared. Not planned they just appeared and needed to fall. They were me and not me. They were falling because life gets messy and hard and out of control but they fell with grace and style and loved the wind on the way down....

Since then I have moved onto painting mandalas and rocks. I love nature, the river, the contrast of white on white, patterns, color... I have so many ideas so finally painting them kept the artistic clutter out of my head. It keeps me sane. 

Here's a few more posts where I talk ABOUT ME...


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  Thanks for listening!

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