Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here's the video i promised on monday, .... Of me painting the acrylic piece i posted on monday..., finally ready.... And for those of you from what's on your workdesk wednesday...In it you can see what's on my workdesk while i painted... My son's favorite toys ever...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Coi and crow, the new mother painting

It's mandarin orange monday and i promised a painting video...well it is lost in youtube, it seems it takes more  than 1day of being uploaded to youtube to make it visible even when i am typing the exact tags. I seem to have two accounts and can't sign into the correct one from google... All this makes no sense to me............. so today i just have photos of the painting, maybe tomorow the video will be available....

I can't exactly say why all these mothers are naked, it's just the way i see them. You can read into that what you will, and the same for the coi and crow, i had no actual symbolism in mind, it's just what I saw. This was actually reworked over and over, i had such trouble with the hair. I saw it as a mass of swirling moving coi getting tangled in her hair and I think it's finally like my thought but it took a bit of changing things to get there. I took out at least 2 more crows that were originally there. I wanted the leaves to be swirling away from the new mother, all energy coming from her.....

I am linking to mandarin orange monday, and creative everyday...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fairy Tea

welcome to a fairy tea party....
 the fairy ring made especially for the mushroom loving woodland fae...

The tea table....
the tea party menu....

the table setting waiting for the food to be served....
unfortunately the fairies gobbled up the clover candy and the acorn scones so fast i didn't even get a photo of the food.....


and a quick sketch of the fairy who served the cakes and poured the hot tea...
when i came back later to clean up after the festivities, i found this lovely offering left by the fairies for me in appreciation ...

It will be the perfect speciman for future sketches don't you think?
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Earth, air, fire, water

I made another video for you this week. In this one i have painted 4 watercolor mandalas in my sketchbook.  I read on a few people's blogs lately that they tend to skip the videos when they see them on people's blogs. I am just the opposite, i love to see videos, especially art videos of people creating. I vegetated a bit this week in the evenings watching art videos, and if i had saved all the links i would show you the best of what i saw, some amazing things.... But i didn't, ooops. Anyway, please don't skip this video, it's about slowing down to enjoy what you see..., it's about 5 minutes long... Slow down, take your time and relax! That's my deep thought and advice for you and for myself this week. Slow down and enjoy  what you are seeing and doing without being in such a rush to see and do the next thing. I will try to Take my own advise, and just do one thing at a time today!

And for those of you who just truly don't have the 5 minutes today, i'll post my 4 sketches below the video...

Earth, air, fire water
These are always there for us
This is small magic

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration avenue's tea party

I am a little late in joining but not late yet for the party. I will be having a fairy tea party post along with a bunch of others on september 23rd! Stop back and visit, or even join in, it's not too late!    
It's thursday so if you feel like posting about
 JOY and sharing it,
 you have the chance over at Meri's Musings.
This week I found joy in gathering nature and in my sketchbook....


Monday, September 17, 2012

sneak peek

An Orange work in progress..... I think it's going to be called "Coi and Crows" or "New Mother", you'll have to come back next monday to see why and to watch the video of it being painted.....

 I am linking up with Lorikart for Mandarin Orange Monday! and creative everyday! And I have a new video called Earth, Air, Fire, Water for you this week, maybe by friday....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yeah for fridays!

I have another finished acrylic painting to show you this week. This one is bigger. I'd tell you how big but I just don't feel like going to measure it right now. I started with fingerpainting the rosey colored swirls, and just like the other painting of the Great Mother, this Mother just appeared as well. Her hair was even bigger at first, taking up the whole top of the painting but I finally realized that had to be toned down a bit. That was about the only part I struggled with at all.... this was actually a very easy painting to create.

I did however learn that you can't paint over acrylic ink like you can regular acrylic.... even when it's dry it smears into the new color you add. The red and black lines on this are acrylic ink and next time I won't add them until I am sure I am done changing background colors and such.

She is of this earth.
She holds all in her warm arms....
safe... and warm.... and home.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

moving along

Here is the second painting I have finished  lately and I will have more very soon...

The hat was here in this painting almost from the start but I redid the girl at least 3 times, she started out with a wide face and bushy hair, it just didn't fit, now her hat is to big for her but she doesn't care. She wears it all the time and when she's not wearing it she keeps it in a box in her closet labeled "That Hat!". She has to trim the roses every 2 weeks as they grow out of control. She has taken to putting one of the roses in a glass on her desk after she cuts them back and when people walk by her desk and say, "Beautiful rose, where'd you get it?", she simply answers, "that hat" and people give her a strange look and move on.

I am linking to creative everyday and Illustration Friday for their theme of Imagination.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding more small magic

I have another video for you that I made,  there's a mandala in flowers and  a little bit of me painting a self portrait, although I will say it looks more like me when I was younger and thinner than it does  now. My eyes are too big here, and my  hair in this is black instead of brown,  but I guess that's the way I saw myself when I looked in the rear view mirror to paint it. I don't show painting the whole thing as it was too hard to hold the camera and paint in the car! But it's only a few minutes long so please watch it!

I do see myself
Without wrinkles and still thin
Mirrors tell small tales

Pieces of ourselves
Shared on fridays with others
Pieces of my heart

Happy paint party friday and haiku my heart!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finishing one at a time

For my share the joy post this week I am happy to report I am finishing things finally.....Here's my latest painting finally finished, I actually finished two this week and will post the other soon.  This one is slightly different for me... acrylics for one and no falling ladies or mandalas for another... just the Great Mother. This was done in the style where you just start layering colors with no real plan in mind... it had about 4 layers when I saw the Mother, then started painting around the flowers and figures. I really enjoy this style of art, it's fun and stressfree to work on.

I really enjoy these colors too, almost the whole thing was done using just black acrylic and  then white acrylic mixed with watercolor crayons. I think I only used pink, purple and blue and green. So for the Artist's play room, those are me favorite colors lately, 4 shades mixed with lots of white to make them pale and soft...