Friday, May 19, 2017

The fickle finger of instagram

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

If what will be will be.
Then I know it rests with me.
To accept the fact, and do the best I can.
For if it is ordained.
As I think I've just explained. It will be,
because it is part of fate's great plan.
If it is divined.
Then it would be a waste of time.
For me to even think of giving less.
I could just let time go by.
And then not even try.
But fate will still decide the worst or best.
When we're off to catch a plane.
We end up waiting for a train.
And then arrive about an hour late.
It is me who gets the blame,
because we've missed the plane,
But no one points a finger at fickle fate.
I thrust down with the hoe.
Right onto my big toe.
The fickle finger of fate can be malicious.
But I don't stand there and sob.
And watch my big toe throb.
I say: "Thank you finger of fate, that feels delicious!"
There is just one way to go.
And that is with the flow.
Why try to fight intended circumstance?
I'll bide my time instead.
And when it turns its head.
I'll give the finger of fate a good kick up the pants!

As I mentioned before, I have been spending time on instagram. For a quick dose of inspiration it is wonderful. It is also wonderful for a quick bit of reassurance, as I can immediately get 30 "likes" when I post a piece of art, and as on Etsy, I think we all want those elusive yet rewarding 💜's. Just to know someone out there understands and likes what we have created.

That being said, I also need to say I do make my art for me. As do most of the artists I see. That is true for me, and obvious I believe, from how often I paint, (daily) and from my random and frequent side tracks into other subjects to paint. I float to whatever moves me to paint at the moment. Lately that happens to be circles and abstracts because I am simply more interested in watching the paint flow, and in helping the watercolors lightly touch each other and blend, than in the end result. But, at the same time I am hoping the end result will be pleasing, and that others will enjoy seeing it and being inspired by it. Hence the endless pursuit of "likes".

Anyway, part of the reason I am writing this is that those likes are so fickle. I generally get a few comments and about 40 likes and a new follower or two on instagram for every post I make there. And, I am really happy with that.

But then I posted this piece yesterday or the day before...

And I got 3000 views, and 75 new followers so far in one day! GREAT, but Why? This is no better than any of my other paintings, is it?
And now, when my next post doesn't achieve that will I be let down with only one or two followers? I hope not. And I hope to avoid trying to replicate that piece just for "likes". I do plan on doing more bugs, because they were fun, and I had want to design some fabric like that, but I will have to try not to worry about that fickle finger!


Friday, May 12, 2017

Been working on an assignment for MATS boot camp assignment to create a rose journal cover. I have done 3 rough drafts but hated the 2nd try and plan to paint over it in my sketchbook as it annoys me to look at it. Some days are like that.
Some of my bad pages I keep in my book to learn from, but others , like the one I am not showing, o just dislike so much I don't want to see them. I don't like to rip pages out so my solution is to either cover them with scrap papers I have drawn on or paint over them with acrylic and sketch over that.

To get started again after that fail I did the "peace" page for fun.

And it has been good bonfire weather here. Just had to share my perfectly roasted mallow....

Happy paintpartyfriday!

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Photos from my week.....

Happy paint party Friday!
Not much to say, lots to show though....

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