Friday, July 26, 2013


I had sooo much I wanted to say and show you but I am late as always... so here's a few quick bits about my favorite spot at the river, well, any spot on the river is my favorite actually...

Lunch hours are all mine
time alone at the river
quiet, shhhh, quiet, shhh, quiet

Thursday, July 18, 2013

vacation photos

so sorry if you hate to look at other peoples vacation photos as I have a bunch for you. It was a wet week, tons of rain and for some reason my son never managed to adjust, he was either sick or just anxious... hard to tell which as he still doesn't communicate that kind of thing.... all he wanted to do was walk... we hiked 5 miles a day to keep him content, well as content as he could be. We'd had soooo much rain that hiking the trails to the pond was like walking in creek beds....

walking, more walking
then even more walking too
blisters by weekend
happy Friday to all you Haiku my heart people....

Most of my photos don't show how lush and wet and green everything was.... so much moss and ferns!

and if you're still with me I do have some art to show for paint party Friday and the last week of Color of Summer....

I thought it was done but now that I see it on here it definitely needs something more.... i'll get on that once it cools down a bit, it's too hot to function the last few days.... have a good week all!

Friday, July 12, 2013


laughing wildflowers
run amok in profusion
berries in the sun

found along dirt roads
not mattering they're not mine
there for all to see