Sunday, May 1, 2011

May baskets

I realize this may give the secret away if the person who received this may basket reads this post... but I'm pretty sure she'll guess the culprits anyway...
 My daughter and I were out delivering a May basket first thing this morning!
 I made my first attempt at a wet felted flower last night... it idin't work very well as I had clumped fiber not strands, so I ended up adding more fiber and needlefelting. It's a bit lumpy but not bad for a first attempt, and with a few real flowers from my yard, I think it made a pretty May basket. The basket itself is a rolled up recycled Wegan's flyer...

We sneakily drove over, parked around the corner from my Mom's house and snuck to the door... My daughter hung the basket, got a quick picture and knocked before we took off running, only slowed down a little by dropping a cell phone. I don't think we were caught, well, not by my mom at least, but a curious neighbor came out to check of we were burglars I believe. Fun!

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  1. That flower turned out great I think. Beautiful colour. Isn't doing those sneaky things so fun?!