Friday, August 2, 2013

creating a custom order

I have been painting this mandala for a special order, to try to match a previously sold one.... not sure I succeeded in making it a companion piece, but I am happy with it anyway...I have been taking photos of my mandalas when the lines are done before I paint, so that I can make up a mandala coloring book once I get a few more. I hope to offer it digitally on etsy then. we'll see.... 

Doodling with black pen
consuming minutes and mind

my meditation

and since, for some reason, I am on a streak of taking pictures of my short toes, I added another here as an afterthought. We had some wonderful warm rain here earlier this week....
Just the type of summer rain that makes you want to dance in it.....
Happy Paint Party Friday and hello all at Haiku my heart! Have a good week!


  1. This is precious!Awesome mandala, so delicate!
    Happy PPF and hugs from Brazil!

  2. beautiful mandalas; have a happy Friday

    much love...

  3. I wish I could meditate like this...must be so peaceful and satisfying..loved these paintings.. beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful these...

    A coincidence..when you will come to my haiku you may think I was inspired from some place in your page...yet..truth is that I always see my haiku in my mind's eye and create...

    My Haiku here..

    I think my imagination is my meditation...


  4. Beautiful, delicate mandala. Love it!

  5. So beautiful... the delicate tinting is wonderful.
    Alison x

  6. That mandala is exquisite! The coloring book would be great.
    The toes. I didn't say anything last week for fear of being judged a pervert, but since you insist on these nude shots every week, I just have to say, "I love them!"


  7. your beauty is a welcome sight to this heartsick mom. what type of black pen do you fancy?
    i think this would be a welcome diversion!

    1. My favorite is actually the fine line sharpie but they just don't last very long.

  8. This mandala is stunning - so detailed!

  9. Beautiful zentangle, and a great way to meditate!

  10. Lovely mandala and what a lovely idea to create a book ~ Happy Weekend to you .

  11. Absolutely beauty-full work Andrea...
    the haiku is just wonderful too.
    Creating art is like prayer for me too.

  12. Love the coloring book idea! This is so beautifully done!

  13. pictures of toes are fun :D I love the piece, the power, force and detail of the flower design

  14. Truly beautiful, the most beautiful mandalas I've seen, you have lots of patience and imagination to paint that. Saludos

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the idea of a mandala coloring book!

  16. Oh gorgeous! I hope that when I'm working again, I can but one of these beauties from your shop. The detail is just so inspiring. Happy weekend to you! <3

  17. Very intricate design. I know how tedious and time consuming penwork can be. You have done a beautiful job. Sigh.....I wish I had short toes. I have claws.

  18. What an exquisite mandala! And the haiku compliments your art perfectly!

  19. I am very fond of zendalas and mandalas. This is very beautiful. Wonderful shape and colors.

  20. This mandala is so gorgeous, like flower feathers.....cute toes, yes love to dance in the rain. xox

  21. Awesome mandala, love the crisp lines and soft color! <3

  22. Wonderful Mandala art work. So fine and expressive in one!
    Liebe Grüße

  23. Beautiful, beautiful mandala!!
    Dance! Dance! Dance! :)

  24. {{ i enjoy getting lost
    in your art*work !!

    i have recently become enamored
    with 'tonal tan' paper
    rather than white
    for drawing & inking ...
    then painting in
    with only shades of cream & brown ...

    have you ever tried this ??

    i go thru these phases ... }}

  25. Oh my have the cutest little niblet toes! Thanks for sharing :P

    Your mandalas are incredible! This one is no exception!