Thursday, August 29, 2013

something different to paint on....

using this same pen I sketch with....


then adding color with these....



 super huge mushroom...
It was so humid, I must have gotten 30 mosquito bites taking these few pictures....

flowers on my feet
looking down I start to smile
Happy, itchy day!

 and I saw these this day too....
I liked the sneaks so much I did a second pair....

This is Tyronne

....and I went to buy a third pair, and I got a size 9...... I am a 7 1/2 but the first pair was a mislabeled 9 so I bought another from the same rack thinking it would fit too, but no, it's actually a 9..... sooooo....
if you are an actual size 9 and would like a pair of personalized canvas sneaks, I could do up a pair with your choice of flower and quote for $30.00. One time offer cuz once I am done, I think I will be DONE.  
a definite maybe on the done thing....


  1. Love these shoes. They are beautiful.

  2. Your shoes truly are a work of art. Just beautiful to see. I'll bet they are fun to wear too,

  3. omg these are GORGEOUS! Love them! The second pair are my favorite. And that mushroom is amazing ...

  4. Beautiful shoes! I love the way your flowers fill the space!

  5. The shoes are absolutely too beautiful to be wearing outside! I really love the tie pair! Your work is gorgeous.

  6. So adorable. Amazing what we can do with markers today, but your floral display sneakers are FAB! Big mushrooms, really big. xox

  7. Those are soooooo fun! I was looking to paint my Tom's shoes and now I am super inspired. Tyrone looks just like my kitty, Ming :)

  8. Love your pretty sneakers. I might try something similar on my kids' sneakers
    Happy PPF!! I am now following you

  9. What a great idea, and what a fantastic job you did! $30 for a pair of those would be a steal!

  10. "Not all who wander are lost..." That sounds so much like Henry David Thoreau in his essay "Walking."

    Peace in Plums

  11. wow these are amazing... you are so talented!

  12. Never say never....haha! These are beautiful!

  13. You are such a talented artist! And those are some monster mushrooms!

  14. I am in awe, just amazing work! Such a perfect job with both sneakers, so pretty!

  15. Love these Andrea! If I were grocery shopping and glanced down and saw these... I would know it was you... Hope those nasty itchy bites are gone!

  16. I love-love-love those shoes! They are both just the best! Too bad your mistaken buy wasn't a size 8. ;) Stay away from the mosquitoes and stay cool! :)

  17. Gorgeous sneakers...just love them!! fun!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. oh
    i'm in love with UR shoes !!

    {{ a sentence i thought i'd NEVER write,
    BTW }}

    if you ever
    buy size 8
    & cover them with

    they R sold to moi ...


  19. I love your sneaks and would love a pair of my own,
    but my feet a widdle like yours.