Friday, August 9, 2013

My oldest daughter, Brandy, who doesn't think she's creative....

She has an etsy shop, BarefootBananas, but doesn't think of herself as creative at all. I think she's wrong about that. I love these guys she created so much I wanted to show you this week... The descriptions underneath are hers, copied from the etsy page....
Vladimir, the ugly shark
sharks get such a bad rap. Poor Vlad just wants someone to swim with. Does this face look viscous to you??? Alas forever alone... and ugly.

 Boris is simple. He does not understand that he is ugly nor does he care. leave him be and all will be well...
Boris is roughly 6 inches tall and made of grandma's ugly fabric scraps!

 T double-E double-R double-R double-I double-F double-I double-C, C, C. That's some ugly pig!

Phyllis was all set to play the role of the pig in Charlotte's web but lost the part to Wilbur's good looks and boyish charm. I wouldn't bring it up she's still a little salty...

 Klawd is an ugly koala, and he doesn't apologize for it. love it or leave it.

Here's the group in my daughter's etsy shop....
And since it is Paint party Friday and Haiku My Heart I thought I needed a piece I made and wrote so here's a quick one...

Still drawing black lines
another unfinished piece
too many to count
Lines and thoughts criss cross
Not confused yet overdone
should I simplify?


  1. Your daughter's characters are a riot! Made me smile, they are super cute!

  2. What sweet cloth talented I would say as are you with your fantastic mandalas. xox

  3. Ha, your daughter is incredibly creative - these are awesome!! I especially love Boris!

  4. I like your geometric drawing (or mandala???) as it is dramatic in black and white. Your daughter is very talented. Takes after her mother.

  5. NO! Never simplify! I adore your complicated one does it better.
    And your daughter...
    imperfection is beauty!
    isn't it?
    she also has a way with words♥♥

  6. your daughter's creative work is adorable and your haiku and mandala divine ~ thanks, carol, xo

  7. I personally don't think you need to simplify anything. I like your drawings and I like the intricate beautiful mandalas you create a whole bunch! I love the way you talk to us with haiku, that's creative too.
    Brandy's creations are fun.They are not ugly in the sense that they are made poorly, they have style of more casual looks that I could see being popular as a collection. Sell tham in sets as a set of characters that are friends, like the characters on "Adventure Time" or "Power Rangers". Really great creations, I'm serious!


  8. haha, love the little descriptions, it really gives them character. Wonderful work!

  9. such a convergence of creativity! mother and daughter, line and verse. is there any more delightful JOY then the outpourings of our hearts and hands?

  10. Simplification
    can often be overdone,
    but not in your case.

  11. Especially love the shark. Sharks are not ugly, but rather beautiful, amazing creatures. Your daughter is talented. And your design is beautiful!

  12. Oh it is so good to be here! I love your daughter's critters and I hope you show her these posts of how CREATIVE we all think she is! And your drawings take on such a life of their own, even when unfinished...

  13. I like her ugly critters. They need somebody to love them. (I worked in pet shops and was the only person who could sell deformed animals and fish--LOL!)

    I don't think you need to simplify or change the mandala. In my eyes, it's charming!

  14. I checked out your daughter's Etsy shop. With 96 sales, I would say that she has had some success. Her designs and point of view are uniquely hers and their little stories bring them to life. Oh yes, I would say that she is talented and creative.

  15. Lovely little characters and funny captions! Your daughter has a great imagination:)

  16. Ugly in a cute way, original characters! Mandala looks just perfect! :)

  17. Your daughter is not only creative - she has a wonderful sense of humor. I love the intricate designs in your mandalas - you don't need to simplify

  18. Those critters are great....and the descriptions made me smile :)

    Love to see how your mandalas take form, too.

  19. Brandy is very talented. The critters are unique and adorable. I love the mandalas. Blessings, Janet PPF