Monday, May 23, 2011

IF Soaked

This is a painting I started some time ago but never finished. I had already done the rain so when IF's theme was "soaked" I decided to finish it. I honestly don't remember my exact thoughts about why I started it, but I suppose it's a bit self explanatory... You can come up with your own ideas about it.


  1. i like how she's chasing the rain! have a great day

  2. "Don't keep me down..." were the words that came to me. ;)
    Working in your sketch book today to send it on to Jennifer by Wednesday. I so love your ladies...
    Have a good Monday !

  3. Hi Andrea...geez, I hope thing will dry up and get easier for you~soon. I was catching up here and was sooo excited to see the page you painted for me!!! YAY!!! Your work is fantastical...REALLY!
    Brandy's book is on it's way to you ☺