Thursday, August 31, 2017

Always finding my way to water

Lakes, rivers, ponds, etc 
Doesn't matter what kind of water..


  1. Beautiful pictures Andrea!! I may have told you this before but about 20 years ago the place I lived was a town on a river, close enough to the ocean to hear it at night, with about 10 lakes in a three mile radius of town and we received about 60" of rain a year, most of it in winter. And the thing I learned most about water is how it draws people to it. Some, like me, who were just in need of the lessons of it's flowing essence. Constant, indiscriminate, flowing water that just goes around whatever happens to get in its way. And then, I noticed how many people came to that little enchanted village each year. . . picked their entire lives top and moved there, as I did, to heal. They'd come, announcing it as their enchanted village too, but then many of them would move on in a year or two. The one thing they all had in common and that was a traumatic event (loss, divorce, career change, crisis etc etc) and they needed the healing properties of all that water around them.

    I am drawn to it to this day. The thought of leaving the bay I live a block from and the near-by ocean is unthinkable most days. . . the smell of it, the rainy winters. And yet, despite my affinity for it, I have never learned to swim. :) lol

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  3. Oh, that town does sound enchanting. Where is it, or rather what is the name of it? I think I would probably love it there. The state park we had planned to go to and then had to cancel this summer, had 16 waterfalls to hike to. I am going to try to get to it next year instead. And I am so surprised you don't swim. You and sofie must at least go wading in the bay though?

    1. I hope you get to that hike next year!! The town was Florence OR. Mid Oregon Coast. And yes, we do get our feet wet! The ocean here is too cold to swim in, as are the rivers and the bay almost year around. Surfers here have to wear full wet suits and kayakers often will too. Yet we see kids who have their shorts on who seem to have no problem. . ahh youth. :)

  4. so beautiful and peaceful looking :)

  5. AAAii, these rocks are really beautiful