Friday, August 21, 2015

Glimpse in my sketchbook

I have still been busy creating botanical paintings in my sketchbook. I missed the time frame to submit them to spoonflower's contest but that doesn't really matter. I have been enjoying doing about one a day on my lunch hour, as a break from mandalas for just a bit. Soon, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

So if you were here to see, you would see me sitting alone in a cemetery on my lunch and think me sad, or lonely but i am really enjoying my little bit of quiet time. Cemeteries are nice and quiet and they are an easy place to find something to sketch, although i usually sketch the wildflowers at the edges instead of flowers placed on stones. Wildflowers are on my mind alot lately, if I could just shut off the new ideas I have so it would be easier to concentrate on the old, started already ideas... but that doesn't happen.

 I keep picturing doing a whole series of unruly wild flower paintings, Maybe that would be the name of the series, 
Unruly, Wild Flowers, 
Obstreperous, Turbulent, Wild Flowers
Enthusiastic, Tousled, Untamed Wild Flowers
Boisterous, Uncontrolled, Intractable, Madcap, Wild Flowers
or even...
Riotous, Rowdy, Unkempt, Fierce, Defiant, Wild Flowers

(yes, i needed to use a thesaurus for that)


  1. These need to get out of your sketchbook and into frames hanging on your walls. They are much to beautiful to hide on a book shelf.

  2. Your botanical painting are so beautiful and so true to nature. Love them.

  3. Oh how sweet they are! I love your delicate flowers!

  4. Very nice. I love botanical journals.

  5. Such lovely flowers! Thanks for sharing these delicate flowers.

  6. Charming flowers. Well painted.