Friday, April 7, 2017

My springtime(?)

I took this little photo of crocus finally popping thru a week ago or shows Bigbig home from his travels enjoying our spring weather.

Then a few days later there was this....

Then this morning there was this....

I think Mother Nature is confused!

So since nature isn't providing I have been painting my own color.....

Happy paint party Friday!

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  1. You've done a lovely job stepping in for Nature

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  2. I think Mother Nature is confused too! Love your colorful pattern play. Happy PPF!

  3. This has certainly been a year of mixed weather moments . . . but Spring can be that way . . . a little bit fickled :)

  4. Everything is so lovely and your watercolor art is fabulous!
    Happy PPF~

  5. Wow wonderful photos and bright wonderful art.

  6. so much gorgeous colour! and mother nature is so fickle sometimes :p

  7. Beautiful...we have had a lot of that same weather...very confusing weather of late! Spring is so unusually late here in the North West!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. You've done a lovely job. Great Work. Keep it up and bookmarked your blog.

  9. I think it's been a long winter just about everywhere. Rain every day here except one love day on Wednesday which was like a shot of adrenaline! I love winter as much as anyone but it's been heavy this year. . . Lovely sign of spring though!! Hang on, it's coming!