Tuesday, May 22, 2012

face 18,19,20 and 21

in a rush today so just some very speedy faces....

And... the winner of the green lady pendant is.....

Rebecca with the #8 comment! I am off to let her know!


  1. Congratulations Rebecca!!! :D And WTG on the "few" faces Andrea lol, that's not a few...it's a whole family :D XXX

  2. I'm learning from your wonderful faces! I have so much trouble with hair. I love how you "suggest" it with just a few lines. I have to try that! :D These are fantastic!

  3. I love your faces Andrea, each one a totally different personality and it shows. And WOW!! I LOVE your secret dream skirt!

  4. YOU WON MY ALL TOGETHER NOW GIVEAWAY!!! :) Email me your address and I'll ship my piece! :)
    Congrats to Rebecca and wonderful faces!!

  5. Congrats to Rebecca! And fantastic faces, Andrea! :)

  6. dear andrea and friends,
    thank you for your kind generosity. forgive me for my late arrival..computer problems have had me off line most of the week.
    i am smitten with your creative spirit andrea and so honored to know i will hold a part of you in my welcome hands.