Monday, May 21, 2012

the First Secret Dream Skirt

Hello, Just wanted to show you the first Secret Dream Skirt.....This is not what I imagined in my head when I started thinking  about these. The one I imagined was white and covered with every color of paint and patches saying all of my dreams and wishes and goals, all written out for me to remember when I wear it. And noone else had to even know.

Paint, embroidery, fabric, stitches, some quilting, some art, lots of words, a beautiful mess! Whatever we need to say to ourselves!

But this skirt.... this skirt is what appeared when I sat down to start a skirt. It's very hard to photograph as it's black with red tulip fabric paint. I just wrote whatever came to mind.... and that turned out to be  "I am enough!"
And I didn't fill in the whole skirt as I really think these skirts should be works in progress, to be added to when ever you need to hear or remember something true to you.

I wore it to work under my black skirt for court and I hardly even thought about it. Except every now and then.... I remembered and I would smile inside!

 I think you need one too...
 simply or elaborate,
A work in progress
and remember I will send a badge made by me, once I figure out how,  to at least 10 Secret dream skirt Society members if you show us a skirt. and we shouldn't rush, these skirts are something that should evolve slowly...
see you tomorow, I'll catch up with my faces! oh, and I will draw the name of my giveaway winner tomorow as well!


  1. What a lovely idea! I'd love one of those, it is definitely not a reminder you are likely to forget about.

  2. Love this idea. Your words are so important to remember. "I am enough."

  3. Your 'secret skirt' is marvelous ~ very creative ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. This is truly wondrous!! I Am Enough is one of my mantras and what a great way to carry that message along with me!!

  5. that is awesome. i love that you wore it under your skirt all day.

  6. This is just so cool! You are brilliant! :)

  7. Great idea! This is an awesome way to keep our affirmations with us, why not wear them! Love it!

  8. what a cool shirt to wear!! looks amazing!

  9. Love this idea! I've been hankering to sew a bit, now sure about the skirt, but secret pants might be an option for me. :-) Very cool!!