Thursday, May 10, 2012

day 10

here's another one like yesterday.... also with colors inspired by food...

And here's what it looked like before water...

This is to show you need very litle marker, that color moves and blends a long way once you touch it with a water filled  brush. The trick is to leave some white spots showing in the final face and to rinse some color out of your brush as you go and just blend it toward the white spots with plain water. The color flows into the plain water just a touch and fades out. I did add a few marks with pencil around the eyes and then some with black permanent marker. This wasn't where I had planned to go with these faces, I was planning on more ACEO's and stories but once you start a  project it just sort of moves were it wants to go, don't you think?

 Plus I wanted to "Share the joy" this week.... I have been eatting lunch with the eagles...

I can't seem to get a good picture of them flying and even though you can get close to their nest I'm sure you're not supposed to , so here's a picture of their nest taken with the zoom.

 You can see the mom or dad in the nest... I don't know much about eagles so I don't know which one stays in the nest and which one goes to get the food. I had been to the park that I like that overlooks the town and a couple where there eatting lunch and they lent me their binoculars to see the eagles in a nest in a tree down below. From that height you could also see an old cemetary, the family cemetary from a very well-to-do family that used to have an estate there. All that's left of it is the fence and the carriage house I think. Any way... the next day I tried to drive to that cemetary from below and when I did I found another eagles nest right along that little dirt road. Much easier to see without binoculars! I try not to go very often though as I was told you can get a ticket for harrassing the eagles if you get too close. 
Here's a page from my new sketchbook of the cemetary and the eagles...

See you tomorow!


  1. the birds this spring are so inspiring! as are your beautiful drawings.
    i am always filled with a visit here!

  2. What an interesting journey you've taken me on! We have some neighborhood eagles -- there's a pond in back of my house that's a favorite fishing hole for them. Watching one of them fish is a great thrill -- and suspenseful, since they don't succeed with every attempt. I also liked the before and after images. . . I've painted with acrylics, but not watercolors (either cake, tubes, or pens. . ).

  3. Love your food inspired orange beauty !
    And your lunch dates ? Wow ! What a treat !
    Light, love and lots of joy, Andrea !

    (Ps your rpize goes in the mail today ! Yay !)

  4. Oh how jealous am I??? Eagles AND an abandoned cemetary!!! Your sketchbook looks fantastic, as does your watermarker face :D XXX

  5. aaawwwsome looks a bit like the pomegranate on the teabag, heehee, so cool!
    Oh larabar I looooove them too ;)

  6. Lady, you should put together a tutorial or offer classes! I want to learn how to paint so beautifully! Love those faces :)

  7. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing your process, I had no idea you could do that with markers. You may have mentioned somewhere and I just missed it, but what kind of markers are they? PS: Aren't LARA bars just the BEST?

  8. Thanks so much for telling us how you did the marker drawings, I will have to raid my daughters pens. The faces are amazing.
    Those eagles are so beautiful. We have a pair of sea eagles that have lived here as long as I can remember and they are so magnificent. They swoop down over the canal and get huge fish, it's amazing to watch.

  9. That art that you did brings joy to me. How bright and colorful.

  10. I have just spent way too much time cruising the republic of tea site... I am thinking of taking out a loan on the house to cover my wish list and shipping!!!! Love the inspiration... and great food theme entry...xx

  11. Wow! I wish there were some eagle aeries visible around here! How cool is that!
    Your brain is always working, creating.....thinking....your ideas are always so neat!
    Love the journal page, too :)

  12. I love your little orange faced girl! So cute ;o) Wow, the eagles are calling to you! Great photos! The page from your sketch book is amazing!!! A+++

  13. Oh wow! I can't believe you just did this with normal markers. It looks great! Have to go try that out! Thnx for the inspiration ;-)

  14. Fantastic tip here and I have shared it on my blog! I love the face very much.