Saturday, May 5, 2012

Face 5, mondays child is fair of face!

photo.JPG by lelloavengers
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.
Please meet Blaire Blankenship, Whisper's mother. She's been a model and an author for years and has even made it to the cover of a magazine that has one of her articles published in it! She writes parenting and selfhelp articles. She believes her greatest accomplishment is having Whisper! The two of them love to sing and dance to 60's music in the evenings after a dinner in their apartment of take out sushi and icecream with creme de menthe on it for dessert.

I am also linking to Inspiration avenue as their theme this week was to illustrate the saying for the day of the week you were born on. I am a monday's child, like Blaire.
And as it fits, it is my fifth face of 29 faces in May!


  1. Hello Blaire! You're looking lovely today. :) Great shading!

  2. She's very different than the falling ladies I've seen so far! You are versatile! I think this is a wonderful and mysterious painting!

  3. Ooow Blair is just beautiful! :D XXX

  4. Cool. Whisper's mother is fair of face.

  5. Gorgeous & what a great model, really lovely work the way you've capture her beauty :)

  6. Fabulous work and very nice submission for Monday's child!
    Thank you for sharing and playing in this week's challenge!!!


  7. I like the way she peeks around the seems!
    So that red..Is it quinacradone crimson red by any chance?
    I love that color!!!

    1. No, this was done with just a purple marker, a black permanent pen and paynes grey. It was what Ii had with me in the car that day.

  8. This is very pretty. It has a completely different feel from your falling ladies. Such a nice contrast!

  9. yours is my favourite entry this week :) this is a real 'fair of face' image, i think - gorgeous drawing!!

  10. want to know what she sees ;) love the dark shading on her and her falling hair