Wednesday, May 30, 2012

two faces and PORKFEST

      I have been so behind with faces, they were done just not photographed and posted. We were busy at our house with the 4th annual PORKFEST! It's a get-together where everyone brings a dish made with pork. This year we had pork ribs, pulled pork, quiche, potato salad with bacon bits ....
 sausage puffs,

pizza with pork strips on it,

homemade pretzels stuffed with bacon and cheddar,

 pork wings... (these were my favorite!)

sausage and rice egg rolls,

 sausages and peppers,

 donut holes with maple frosting and bacon bits.

and more. I had planned to make bacon milkshakes but time got away from me. Everything had pork except we did have watermelon, and we had chocolate sheet cake without any bacon. You can tell this was planned by the men! Last year we even had t-shirts!

 so anyway..... here's my latest two faces...I'll have the last three tomorow I hope....


  1. Hahahaha....I was so hungry...til you mentioned Bacon milkshakes :S Classic feast! and your faces are just fabulous!!! :D XXX

  2. Wow a pork fest? My husband would LOVE that! And LOVE the way you've been incorporating Zentangles into your faces- amazing!!!

  3. pork fest is my kind of party! I would bring pork pie so I could integrate your pork-fest with my annual pie-fest. loooove the hair on those two faces.

  4. I bet everyone porked out!! What a fun party!
    Did you know Jack in the Box actually offer Bacon Flavored shakes? I saw the syrup behind the counter and asked if I was reading that right....haha!

    Love your faces....the bottom girl is so wonderfully wild...adore her leafy hair and cat eyes!

  5. Love this post. Great looking food and your girls are adorable.