Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10 PLUS

My face for 29 faces...sorry about the shadows...

Ella Cinders....
She was adopted out after her parents died when she was 3  years old, and just this year she located her sister who was 2 years older than her and had been adopted by a different family. They now spend every minute together and have discovered they both hate icecream and they both would rather knit than just about anything else.

And here's my first ever entry to the divas challenge... at her zentangle site! with the tangle; Sanibelle that I put in with my haiku.
I so love all PritiLisa's and Kim Mailhot's Haiku for Recuerdo mi corazon that I wanted to try one too.
Lots of inspirational stuff to be seen over there!
And since it worked out well that Inspiration Avenue is having the wonderful theme of the return of the light, here comes the sun or imbloc, however you want to look at it, that I wanted to enter their challenge too! so... here it is...

It's cold inside me
I want to be somewhere warm
Red sun on my face

Plus here's 2 zentangle birds from my book. And...
I also finished another mandala but forgot to bring it home to photograph it.
and I've been working in the sketchbook I just received for the Commy project...

and I just thought I might share this... so many of you commented after last fridays post about how much time I must have and since I REALLY don't, I  thought I'd share how I manage to find time for art. Since those of you who stop by often know I have 4 kids... 3 older (but only one of the 3 is off to college right now) and the youngest is 9 and autistic. I also work full time and am the last to get home in the evening, usually after dark... at least during this time of the year. Any....way........I just said all THAT to show I have to be creative finding time for ART.

I guess the main thing is that I did away with any extra stuff like spending time getting ready in the morning, it now takes me 15 minutes to shower, comb hair and dress, so that after getting my youngest around in the morning and sending him on the bus I have 20 minutes to myself! Yeah. So I spend it either making a blog post or sometimes I even find a guided meditaion of the ipad and do that.

Then at  work I get breaks and a 1 hr. lunch. Not that I'm totally antisocial but I'd rather spend them going for a half hour walk then painting, than going out to lunch with someone. At least most days that is. So even on my breaks I pull out art to do. That's the main reason I like sketching, or now, zentangles and even the watercolors. Because those, you can start with no preparation time, just pull it out, do it, then in 15 minutes put it away, no messy clean up or anything. I'd love to have time to do a big painting with a space to do it but  it's just not in my life right now, no time for a palette and mixing colors most days. Maybe once in awhile on weekends I might get lucky and have time for something more complicated, but not usually.

Then as my son likes me to sit with him while he's pacing nearby or watching TV in the evenings, I sit with him but I really don't watch TV anymore (well except 'Dual Survival' when they have a new episode or, 'the walking dead".... I know some of you are thinking "seriously?" but my family talked me into watching that and the characters suck you in even if you hate zombies and blood!). Anyway, as I've seen 'WAAB, the grizzly king' , and 'one mans's wilderness', and 'walking with dinosaurs' at least 100 times each I either sketch near him or watch all those art videos I mentioned on my ipad. 

Well that's about it. off to work. Happy paint party friday!


  1. wow - what a great story about the two women who were adopted. thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I am amazed at what you accomplish Andrea. I feel like quite the slacker now. But you know you are so right. It basically comes down to choices. I'm glad you do what you do because I love to look at your art.

    I love the story about your painting, another creative outlet...writing :) Love the zentangle, so fun! and the Commy project looks interesting, great job :)

  3. I think many of us Art and Craft to avoid tv lol(Walking Dead back on next week!!!) I am amazed at how much art you get done in your busy life, and would like to echo Jaime's thanks that you find the time to share it with us :D XXX

  4. Hi Andrea, I am so happy you joined Haiku my Heart this week...the people are so warm and really did a fabulous job on the zentangle/poetry... absolutely! It reminds me of an art poster from the '70's. You 29 faces are always a joy, as they are more than faces, they are personalities...and very interesting ones:)
    You are a great example of how NOT to waste your life, I admire you♥♥♥

  5. I enjoy your watercolors! lots of wishing for spring themes going on today...could we be sick of winter in this part of the world!

  6. Wow. Good for you for being able to manage time for art along with a super busy life! I'm impressed!

    I love all of these paintings and drawings. Your haiku and sunny zentangle made me think of something other than the dreary February day outside. Warmed me right up!

    Ella Cinders is awesome!

  7. Wow! Excellent creations and haiku ~namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. What a busy post - in every sense!! So many beautiful things to share and then an insight into your day! I love to cram everything in too.

    Now, I must talk to you about that Walking Dead series... Do you not think that these people are just a bit stupid? I mean series 1, they set up camp by a dark forest and live in tents. Surprise surprise, some zombies manage to break into the tent... They claim to be short of food... (err... why not find a warehouse of a supermarket chain - probably zombie free)... I had to give up on watching (also it kept making me dream about zombies!)

  9. It's been a while since I last was here but I see you have gotten even more creative than before.
    All your work is lovely and I especially like the story of the two sisters...funny thing about their likes and dislikes on knitting and ice cream.Thanks for sharing.

  10. It's wonderful that you find time to nurture yourself while taking care of others and your obligations...
    I think it is so important to fill your own vessel so that you are able to pour it out for what Life asks of you. It can be so hard to make our needs a priority, too...thank you for sharing bits of your world and art with us :D

  11. I know you are not looking for compliments but I find you an incredibly talented person in so many ways. I am constantly inspired by all that you do and create. Thank you for sharing both your work and your life with us today.

  12. Such a great post and I really liked hearing how you fit in your art time... I started drawing and sketching again because painting just didn't fit in, and now I am slowly finding more time and space but I have too many ideas so I stick with drawing and watercolours ... and lets be honest I can't imagine a time when chaos won't intrude so I am thinking that I just have to make do with when I can squeeze it all in... no use wishing for more ... mind you you do manage to get an awful lot done... very impressive in the time you have...xx

  13. i am thrilled to welcome you to haiku my heart! many are longing to turn their faces to the warm sunlight. because it really is all about the light isn't it?

    your haiku is perfect and i hope you find yourself bitten and never stop!

  14. I hope the sun will be shining on your face to give you the warmth to get you warm on the inside. Lovely challenge response!

  15. I just adore your falling ladies, but your haiku and your art accompanying it are wonderful, too.

  16. Your time management skills are inspirational. I can only dream. then again, I remember 1st grade and the check marks I received in the "uses time wisely" box. Also than again, dreaming and being lazy are art forms to me.
    I love your haiku. Very good. I can relate to this feeling as Spring draws near. Your drawings and sketches are wonderful. I see whimsy in them. The falling women are beautiful.

    Much Peace

  17. Sorry to not appreciate the haiku due to language, but if your work as varied and different. Saludos

  18. So many great pieces of art here!

    It is amazing how many little moments you cab find for art if you put your mind to it and cutting out or multitasking during TV is definitely one of them. Painting though - way harder!

  19. Andrea....thank you for the comments on my blog. I want you to know something, your art is uniquely yours and it is fabulous! I know how it feels to look at others and think....oh, I wish my piece looked like that. But when I think about that a realize that it would not be mine. Embrace your unique style. It is fun to be able to see you in the signature of your art! Keep posting, I can't wait to see more!

  20. That's what I love about's portable. I used to do the same thing while at my lunch at my desk and sketch. You are awesome! :-)

  21. LOVE the zentangle BIRDS!!!!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  22. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find the time to make art, right? Good for you in making the time - I love your series of faces! Each so different and with such personality.

  23. I love your falling ladies..
    In from IA and your Sun submission is just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing and playing.
    Come visit me as well. I have enjoyed your blog and following!


  24. Nice sunny entry for IA. Of course, I always love your falling ladies. BTW, did you ever get my mailing address after I won a prize on your blog? My dear friend Halle told me she sent you an e-mail letting you know my mailing address, since I was unable to access my e-mail, like I told you in a comment I left on your blog. Yep, it's been awhile, but I was just wondering, since I never got anything.

  25. Thank you so much for your lovely message, great to come here and see your beautiful blog and art! :) Huge smile! Julie

  26. Okay, it's even more impressive now that I know you squeeze all that art out of little chunks of time scattered throughout your day.

    I am especially loving those zentangle birdies.

  27. Love your post (and off course all your art) also your creative ways of packing 'art' time into your busy day, you are so right though if we don't 'make' or 'claim' that time it doesn't happen, anyway us mothers are supposed to multitask ;) Loving ALL your art!!

  28. Wonderful wonderful art. The first picture looks like a teacher I once had.