Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 15 and IF

photo.JPG by lelloavengers
photo.JPG, a photo by lelloavengers on Flickr.
This is Preet, her parents started that nickname as a baby and can't even remember why, but it stuck. She's mean and judgmental, but she can sing soft and sweet. She's one of the popular girls and she hasn't learned to give up the drama yet.


  1. loving your descriptions for each character :D XXX

  2. Another great face - too bad she is mean.

  3. She didn't come across mean to me....see, I would have been lured in by her deceptive looks and been publicly humiliated in some little scheme she cooked up....darn!

  4. her sweet voice shows her real heart... and drama is overrated ;-)

  5. Beautiful! I also loved reading your earlier post on how you fit art in even though you have a very busy schedule. Its important to find time for the things you love and you are a great example of someone doing that!