Wednesday, November 5, 2014

AEDM day 6

I hate computers, we just took ours in to be fixed, and now it's worse than before and we even just bought a better antivirus program as well.... argh!
but it's working long enough to post my little bit of creativity lately....

I sketched these mandalas in red in my novel sketchbook, (just a sketchbook I use for the maps and family trees and other visual info about the novel i want to keep all in one place) because one of the characters in my novel, Bennett, does redwork embroidery so i was doodling her designs. Of course I haven't even added that fact to the novel either.... and,
when i was doodling, the permanent marker exploded. I will look like my hand is bleeding for days....


  1. I generally don't care much for mandalas but I really liked yours. Maybe it was the red ink or the subject matter but it wasn't boring at all as I find most mandalas to be. I really loved it! Nice work and worth the red fingers…lol

  2. In this post, I particularly like the little birds made up of almost-parallel lines! To my eye, they look very energetic in a stylized way, which is a combination I particularly like. Thanks! :D