Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 12

Had the day off; teacher conference, yard work and some time for art!

I should have written on the novel for Namowrimo.....but i didn't, not one word. I just didn't feel like it. I thought, why am i putting myself through this? I have nothing to say. 

Now today, i have ideas again... And i remembered why i wanted to write and i am newly commited to finishing this ridiculous novel but i am off to work so barely any time. But I will write today... I will.

In the mean time here is some of my playing in my sketchbook with acrylics. It's just play, nothing serious, no masterpieces! No worrying about an outcome....Just Play!

Sorry, it's dark in my house, no sun in the window to help with getting a better photo...


  1. I love the layering you create with the paints and the colours work so well together!

  2. These photos look beautiful too! I love the light in your house. Everything seems to be in an "autumn-mode". ;) Enjoy your writing!

  3. I love your just playing, its so inspiring :-)