Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 10

I am over 10,000 words, yeah!

I have been linking up to inspire me monday at create with joy, and she featured my watercolor doodle in orange from last monday. If you haven't stopped by there you should, on mondays especially, there's always lots of inspiring stuff to see. Blogger is not letting me add a link so here's the URL...

This weekend i played with a pen mandala in my sketchbook, adding acrylic, which for some reason i almost never do. I was shooting for messy as i tend to try to keep it way too neat and these called for blurriness and mixing instead. I did like it and only stopped where i did because when i walked away for a minute my daughter's annoying but beautiful cat tipped over my paint water cup and soaked the whole sketchbook. No harm as no pages ruined, just too wet to work in.... I do want to try this on a large scale now... Maybe after november's over...


  1. It really has a 3-D quality to it...

  2. The mandalas are gorgeous! Congrats on your writing!

  3. Another beautiful mandala - in all of my favorite colors!
    Thanks for sharing your creative gifts at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.
    You are an inspiration to me! :-)

  4. I love all of these mandalas very much! They have wonderful colors and I like the uneven pattern and how you have played around with the color! The outcome is beautiful!