Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 4

I am up to 4,710 words on my novel so far in November. I am quite pleased with myself. 
Creatively, I am just doing a few random sketches and doodles. Here's a sketch i did while i was waiting for a trial in court where i work. The best time to sketch as there's usually alot of waiting time that needs to be filled up....

I got way to crosshatching happy, and her face just kept getting darker and darker. If i'd stopped 5 minutes earlier i think it would have been a success....


  1. I think she's really beautiful. Dark and mysterious.

  2. I think she is beautiful and a success as is. Brava on keeping her... I have this sneaky suspicion you will fall deeper and deeper in love with her as you continue your process. :-)

  3. Sometimes you must have the dark to show the light and her light does come through beautifully! Good job!

  4. this looks terrific, even a little spooky, love the shadows. Visiting from AEDM