Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creative juice

Earlier this summer I was making fresh juice from veggies from my garden with a few added ingredients from the store like apples and celery. I added...
 beans and mint,
 my cucumbers,
 my lettuce,
                                                           Celery from the store,
                                                              A lime,

And an apple....I just threw it all in the juicer and took my chances on how it was going to taste.....

                                                        Turned out very yummy!

Up until the first snow last week i was still getting juice, but now i will have to buy my ingredients  to keep making my juice, as i have come to the end of my carrots, and the neighbors pears are all gone....

I am thinking one with pumpkin and carrots sounds good now that its colder weather.... I'll take a photo if i come up with another favorite....

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