Friday, July 17, 2015

Introducing BigBig

I am a bird, a stuffed bird, fairly new to this world, yet I have been in the head of my creator for over 15 years! I believe she finally brought me into physical form because she knew I needed to go on the trip she was about to take. Her daughter, brandy, was moving to Arizona and she and her other daughter, Jesse, were planning to drive out with Brandy, for the company, the adventure, and the safety in numbers, before the two would fly back to NY.
I do not look my best in these photos as I was created in haste and then the trip was rough on me. You see I am usually overcome with phobia and anxiety and it is hard to look one's best in such a state. As I am practically agoraphobic I spent much of the trip in mi amiga's purse pocket. ( I know I am new to this world and just a stuffed bird but I believe I have Spanish ancestors so I like to speak a few Spanish words from time to time)
So here I am, and I would like to tell you the story of our trip, through sketches and photos. I will simply start with the sketch and photo of me, and I will relate  the first day of our trip to you all tomorrow.  


  1. The start of a fabulous story me thinks! You are a wonderful bird, made with so much love....I can tell!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Sounds like a great story to be. Love the colors and the duck of course.:)

  3. You amaze me . . . so creative. Do you keep a note book on you nightstand to record your night thoughts and dreams, before they rifted away?

  4. OOOH what a pleasure to meet bigbig.... i appreciate that... I have a doll too much like BigBig, a crocheted rabbit doll. Hubby suggested that I crochet a doll whom I can take with me in my adventures, just for fun. I am very inspired by your travels with Bigbig. I am not as talented as you are but you have given me ideas, hehehe... Thank you.