Wednesday, July 29, 2015

day 6

We got up early to beat the crowds hiking to Delicate Arch in  Arches National Park, Utah.
Again, my fear of heights almost had me quitting. And the drive through the park up the side of a cliff was scary enough for BigBig that he stayed in the car the whole time instead of hiking. As i was driving up the cliffside my daughter, Jesse, started singing 'little boxes' and for some odd reason that seemed to help me from panicking too much.

"little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes, made of ticky tack. there are red ones, there are blue ones, there are yellow ones, made of ticky tack."

The hike is labeled as difficult but my daughter said she didn't realize that when she planned it. It's only 3 miles but quite steep and there is much of it that's along a ledge (no barriers) with a drop off of 460 feet,(I think it said).
It was scary but worth it at the end. I am glad we did it.
Such a stunning spot.!

I have a postcard of the arch framed at my work desk now. And BigBig's sketchbook as well....
After our hike we went back to Moab for lunch at Milts. i got a buffalo burger.
Then we drove all the way to Arizona and found the apartment where my daughter will be living. we also stopped at a very photographed loop in the river, about a mile hike to it but i couldn't get close enough to the ledge to get a good photo,but Brandy got one.


  1. amazing hike and the photos really give a sense of the height and difficulty. Great journal pages to remember the trip by! Thanks for the sunday sketches visit:)

  2. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite spots. Love the sketches too.

  3. What a beautiful spot. I think I would get over my fear of heights just to see such an amazing place.Your pictures and drawings are awesome. What a nice memory captured in photos and in your journal. Thank you for sharing! Happy PPF!

  4. Impressive hike, wow braver than me!! Lovely follow up sketches...especially love you ladies stance and the tye dyed shirt!! Gorgeous!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh wow.. what wonderful pictures of this amazing place and your journal is gorgeous!! Love your paintings!

  6. Oh my I'm totally impressed with your adventure. I must admit I don't think I could ever do that... especially sitting on the edge!
    You have some fantastic photo's to treasure and brilliant memento's. You've got great artwork too.
    Enjoy your week... Happy PPF to you