Friday, September 30, 2016

Yet more monsters

These watercolor monsters are fun!
Maybe it is the fact that they are unplanned.
Or maybe it is the pretty colors.
Or maybe even that i was NOT going to "use" them in any way!
Sometimes, when i start a piece that I have plans for, like if i want it to "become" fabric, or a card set, or a page of a book, then the pressure is on to do it perfectly. 
With these, as with a mandala, there is no right or wrong really, and i can just have fun.

In my head, as i have been for weeks, i am still trying to come up with the cutest, friendliest and at the same time slightly scary monster for the fabric series I wanted to make, but this type of watercolor monster was just a bit of practice in my sketchbook, and so i was free to play. I don't have any idea what the monster will look like when I start just smudging on watercolor paint. But then it appears!

Sometimes a bit of play is just what you need, and sometimes the play ends up better than the planned piece. 
And if that happens, even if it is in my sketchbook, i can still use it for the end product since most of my end projects now involve a print or photo of the art and not the original anyway.

So really, after saying all that, now I realize The Difference is all in my head. 

If i could start every piece with the same attitude i start these watercolor monsters then painting would ALWAYS be just fun.
(Well, it mostly is just fun anyhow)
but my point is; I do sometimes get caught up in wanting perfection right from the start. 
And by wanting it, it becomes more a chore than a joy. 

We all need more joy!

And why is it these two of my five cats ignore me completely until I sit down to create?

Happy PPf!


  1. these monsters are so adorable! I like your method - painting and then draw in - perhaps I should give it a try.

    I understand the need to perfect a piece but it's fun to just create freely without too much thinking. when I start to work obsessively, then I stop and step away. not looking at the piece for a while does help a little seeing it again later.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Oh these are great. I especially like the "octomonster";-)

  3. The monsters are wonderful, I especially love the happy birthday monster. Cats are always glad to prevent their people from working! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. What fabulous monsters... I'm sure they would be a huge hit in a children's book.
    Happy PPF to you

  5. These are amazing monsters and I love them!!!!

  6. Agreed Andrea! Pieces I plan ultimately take many times longer too! Too much judgement and critique as I go whereas, when I just dive into any form of making with the "see where it takes me" approach, it always gets done so much quicker and is usually just as pleasing. . . and yes, moe joyful. :)

    These monsters are WONDERFUL! :)

    So, by all means, play, play, play!

  7. really liking all of the colourful monsters you have been creating :D I find them all so cute and kids would probably find them scary too :)

  8. In love with your monsters..especially the Birthday one! The cutest every.I could see a childs theme room around that adorable face!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I adore your monsters! My cats do the same thing lol