Saturday, October 1, 2016

Under the pumpkin spell

I have wanted to design packaging for years, so shopping at Wegmans this time of year is hard. (and of course will get even harder when they start christmas packaging soon). I get sidetracked by the autumn colors and pretty fonts. I am easily lured in by offers of homey comfort in a cardboard box or plastic bag. Images of creamy pumpkin desserts or caramel flavored anythings....

And my daughter keeps posting on her facebook page, images of fall, and saying how thrilled she is to  be able to wear leggings again. 

So i fell for it all, 
and bought all this autumn yumminess....
Just because of the packaging and some form of pumpkin spice fever!


  1. Oh my. All that Pumpkin flavoring sounds yummy. I'm going to be on the look out for some of this stuff too.....Linda E.

  2. marketing is a powerful thing, makes us buy everything lol :)

  3. loved the shapes of these .looks yummy

  4. The one thing I crave at this time of year more than anything is Baskin and Robbins Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream! Of course, it's tied to childhood memories and likely would not be as good today. :) But I'll also be baking lots of pumpkin bread this month too and that, in recent years, is my favorite autumn morning treat with coffee.

    And ohhhhh the bewitching of packaging. . . I know it well. :)