Friday, October 14, 2016

New creations for my etsy shop

This week I have some little lucky penny dolls, and some tiny books to show. All will end up in my Etsy shop soon. 
The little lucky penny dolls have been living in my head awhile, and are the project I started awhile back when I said I was searching through fabric scraps. Here is how they turned out.....

I used some of my own fabric: designed on paper and printed on fabric at spoonflower, and also some purchased fabric and some hand dyed fabric. I cut out pieces for about 6 dolls but have only finished 3 so far. The faces are ones I painted and also printed on spoonflower. I am thinking of adding kits to my Etsy shop with these faces, as well as the finished dolls. 

Each one does have a lucky penny in the pocket at her waist.  I am hoping each one will find a home somewhere lovely, maybe on a kind lady's work desk, or on a teenage girl's vanity dresser to watch over her as she does her makeup, or even possibly in the tin lunch box of some hard working factory line man. They just really want to go out into the world and spread their good luck.

And then their are the three tiny books I made. Each has floral fabric over a piece of cardboard for covers. Each has three sewn in signatures of 2 pieces each, so a total of 24 pages each. All blank still but I may write and illustrate some or all with tiny little drawings before I list them. The covers have each been painted as well. They are about an inch tall and wide. 

I have plans to make some more dolls, slightly bigger than the above lucky penny dolls, that would hold one of these books in their pocket instead of pennies: called 'book dolls' of course,

Happy paint party Friday! And thanks for stopping by. 
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  1. really cute projects Andrea! Happy PPF!

  2. Oh how wonderful and creative! They are beautiful.

  3. Love your lucky penny dolls so much...they'd be good to put a tooth in for the tooth fairy to be replaced with coins... All fabulous pieces!

    Hugs Gogges

  4. These little dolls and books are so sweet! I love them. I like the idea of the dolls holding a book in their pocket. I have wondered about having some artwork printed at Spoonflower since I sew as well. Your projects turned out so nicely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ohhh how fun and so cute. The penny dolls are just a great idea. I am glad you held the books up so we can see just how small they are. Really wonderful.

  6. Super cute. I found and favorited your spoonflower page. Nice work. xox

  7. Golly Gee...these are ever so cute. You must have a really creative mom.

  8. Both the dolls and books are so adorable. I can absolutely picture one of these on a vanity or a dresser like you described. I also think these would make a cute gift partnered together. The book could fit in the pouch and the owner could write their thoughts or something special on the pages.

    Lindsey @ Nosto Solutions Ltd