Friday, June 26, 2015


I am always making lists.
Things I am thankful for, 
things to do,
things to draw, 
garden plans,
every Christmas gift I have ever gotten,
what I ate,
where I would like to go, 
things to  look up,
things to make,
things to make lists of....

I have been doing this forever.
My daughter tells me obsessive list making is a sign of ADHD.
 Especially if you rewrite the same list over and over.
I do
I am not making light of anyone with ADHD. And I have never been diagnosed, but living with autism I can now see traits from Autism, Aspergers, PPD-NOS, ADD, OCD, ETC. in myself and almost everyone around me. I guess what makes the difference is how many of these traits we each have. and how well we can function with these traits.
I think I have just enough ... not too many, not too few.
I mean, aren't you a fan of the quirky personality?

So anyway, I have been lately posting more than just art, i am enjoying thinking of posts to do taht aren't just paintings but whatever i am thinking about...
 Posts in a series...
posts just about color....
adventures with autism....
a glimpse in my sketchbook....
sacred circle mandala photos,
and lists....

so here's my first list...
a photographed list,
or rather a list in pictures,
nothing too quirky to start with.
5 things I am thankful for lately
(apart from my family of course)

1. a gift...

2. looking up...

3. working on my future book.....

4. Muffins with honey....

and 5. Gigantic mushrooms


  1. Lovely art and photos, but somehow those muffins really take the biscuit! Valerie

  2. Wonderful photos and a gentle reminder that there is art (and patterns) everywhere we look. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful photographs and lovely art! I too sometimes make lists...

  4. This was such a fabulous post...I loved hearing what goes on in that talented mind of yours!! With each of those traits there are huge perks... some ocd suffers are really good with details and organization... So yes I love unique beings...and you know what most of us are in one way or another! This is a very authentic post... I am getting to know you better than I ever have in all the years I have read your blog!! Thanks for sharing yourself... Gorgeous photos or gratitude too... I see where your inspiration must pop in at times too!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love your photo list. :)
    I am a listmaker from as far back as I can remember, too. I line up and face my cans & jars, straighten rugs & pictures...but I am not bothered being in other people's places with crooked rugs and my world doesn't fall apart if mine aren't fixed immediately at home. I feel, like you, that I have just the right amount. Enough to make me happy but not enough to rule my life. :) :)