Wednesday, July 11, 2012

not loving this moleskin for the last few days

clearly I'm not using this moleskin correctly.... it's made just for writing and I am trying to make it into a watercolor sketchbook.... oh well, I will try to stick to one color sketches, those seem to be best. I loosened up a bit for the "draw a bed" challenge...

 but then I hate this sketch of the Odwalla bottle, it's the gel pens I guess, the red blended so I tried to wet it.... like I said.... "yuk", I'm fighting with myself not to rip it out and burn it.... yuk again!

 I like this "draw a piece of your jewelry" better. I kept it simple. This is a necklace I've had a long time....

Then just so I wouldn't hate myself I had to do a zentangle, cause they almost always work out this is for the Iamthediva challenge and includes another heart for AyalaArt. The problem is ... I don't really like this either....

Ah well, there's always tomorow....


  1. Oh dear, I wish you did like it because I think it's lovely! I love your necklace sketch too.
    I have the same problem with Moleskin journals - I like the squares one for recording tangles, but the watercolour one isn't good for me - it's not white enough and the paper not thick enough (but then again I do use loads of water with my paints)! So I just use a regular watercolour pad. Anyway, I love your work.

  2. Such a true statement within your challenge. I love micro photography because something ordinary become extraordinary. I think that your challenge piece is beautifully conceived with an eye to detail and spacial thought. The patterns are complimentary and I really love it!

  3. I'm guessing your just not bonding with that journal...not all papers suit every one :) Your work is wonderful...don't blame it for being on the wrong paper :D XXX

  4. I really like what you did with your Zentangle assignment. The auraknots fold into each other really well. I like the other patterns you chose to go with it and the heart within. That is funny about your son! I love the necklace, too

  5. Can't blame you with the moleskines. I don't care for them either. You really have to use only things like pencil, ballpoint, colored pencils, and such in their sketchbooks. I was so frustrated, too. But I still think these all turned out well. :)

  6. Yummy collection. I love your orange version of the challenge!

  7. I think you are having one of those days when we don't like anything hehehe The illustrations are fine, I like the bars and the juice image, but if you don't like it, gesso over it and do something else.
    That is probably the reason I don't do books, because if I get picky I feel I'm stock with the page :oP
    The heart is awesome!

  8. Journal keeping intimidates me....yours (even the entries you're not fond of) always leave me in awe :D