Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tuesday tea

This week I wanted to take a sweet picture of one of my teacups and make a calm soothing post about tea with a sketch of it..... but that was not to be yet this week.... it's been cluttered and rushed just like this photo and sketch. So,  here's the tea I had this week.....Actually it wasn't even the blackberry tea in the purple tin, it was some old mix I bought at a gift shop that I don't even know the name of and I store in that tin. It was still good though.... maybe I'll get closer to calm later in the week. Later I hope to stop by ArtinRedWagon's to see other tea posts i


  1. WOW< even your scribbles in your journal are wonderful! Enjoy your tea!

  2. I like your sticktoitness! Works for me!

  3. Turned out great! I like the colors and form, it makes me crave tea now!