Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tea

I have lurked around art in red wagon's tuesday teas for quite some time but never made a post for it although I love tea.... until today. I want to show you my tea planter... ( a gift from my Mom)....
there's spearmint....


lemon thyme.... it smells sooooo good....

stevia and lavender, although the lavender is not doing as well next to the mint and thyme that are taking over.....

So I take a few leaves of each and pour my hot water over top for a delicious tea. I have to make it by the cup now because when I made a whole pot and put it with more water in the fridge for cold tea it was gone VERY quickly as the kids like it, (too much).


Thanks for stopping by....


  1. I've not tried 'fresh' tea before. Which one is your favourite

    1. I mix them all together, but lemon thyme is my favorite to smell!

  2. Ahh a tea right across the garden! I love this!!! An your scetch ia amazing, think I will brew some peppermint tea and get them cold in the frigde right to enjoy on the hot afternoon ;)

  3. Sounds delicious.. have never tried fresh tea before either.. the plants look gorgeous... and love the sketches...

  4. How beautiful and delicious ! A sweet, sweet, ritual to celebrate !

  5. Oooooh, now I WANT a tea garden! How amazing is that? I know I would love it - now where to find spearmint!? Seriously, I want to copy you! ;) xoxo

  6. I have never done this! And now I think I will! I have thyme, mint and lavender .... So I'm good to go .... Thanks or sharing! And I'm so happy you joined up for tea :) .... See you next week!

  7. How did I miss this post... this is awesome... I have all of those herbs and am going to venture in and give it a go... especially with the lemon thyme... thyme is my favourite herb... thanks for the link... now my brain is going a million miles an hour... and I love that page you have drawn as well...xx