Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Scribble picnic and a new self imposed challenge

Michael Macvean (see his website here) posted a question in his Instagram stories this weekend asking for ideas to use in his sketchbook for a daily project, and in answering him and in our further conversation we came up with a plan. We both have a new unused sketchbook and we both want to create a daily habit of drawing. So to keep each other accountable or just to know we are not creating alone, we are starting this project together on the 20th. We probably will fill our respective journals very differently, I am leaning more toward an account of what I am seeing and doing each day, whereas he is leaning toward creating characters and other things from his imagination, but we are both leaving it open so we have lots of options if we get bored with our chosen topics. 

It would be great if anyone else out there wants to join in too. No rules. No sign ups. But we will sketch daily and possibly post daily (for the most part,  but no pressure or obligations) to Instagram, (we plan to use the hashtag #dailysketchplan2018 on Instagram), and possibly even do weekly blog posts as well. 

So if you already sketch daily, consider joining us. If you don’t yet, but would like to, please consider joining us! You have till the 20th if you want to start when we start, but since there are no rules and no set timeline you can join in anytime, just use that hashtag and we will see you and follow along in your progress too! And if you are not on Instagram just leave a comment once in awhile so I know you are creating too.
I plan to post here: @fallingladies
And Michael’s is here: @a_dotty_hill

When considering how I wanted to fill my sketchbook I came up with a list. (Of course, since I am addicted to lists) I would love to just pick one theme and fill my whole book with that, but I would get too bored too quickly. So maybe I will pick 3 or 4 topics to use, but most likely is I will do a little of everything and just throw it all in my book! 

 So here’s my list and here’s my sketchbook (cool huh!) I have been holding this book for a year, not knowing how to start it or what to use it for....

Daily Sketchbook ideas:
Lettering practice
Found poetry cut from old books
Rock cairns
Seed pods/ nuts/ nature sketches
Life drawing
Perpetual sketchbook (I’ll explain later)
Abstract designs
Things you used to own 
All birds 
All fish
Under the sea 
Beach scenes
Imaginary boats
Tea cups
Packaging that inspires you
Things that fit in the palm of your hand 
Use a Limited color palette 
Or just Pen and ink
Or just pencil and one bright color 
Do a Sketch but use one piece of paper or fabric as well
Glue down a magazine cut out and sketch off it
Cute Animals 
Realistic animals
Anthropomorphic animals
Kid characters
Character expressions & moods
Character movement
Fabric design icons 
Tea bag landscapes (I’ll explain later)
What you ate today
“What’s in front of you: breakfast, art supplies, your feet, your backyard, spouses face etc
Things in your purse
Collections: postage stamps, keys, favorite things: clothes you love, pens
An event from your day: scene at lunch hour, a chore you did 
Your pets 
Imaginary pets
Tarot cards
Illuminated quotes
Fictional characters
Things in jars 
Pattern design 
Your shoes
Your jewelry
Children’s book rough draft 
Artifacts from a world you create!!!!! 

And actually I didn’t follow my own plan... I started sketching in it already instead of waiting till the 20th, just to see how this new paper takes pen and watercolor..... so here’s my entry to this week’s scribblepicnic!!! The theme this week was hot chocolate.

What are you waiting for, grab a sketchbook and get ready to join us! ...... pretty please.....


  1. I love, love, LOVE seeing your artwork, so I will definitely look forward to seeing your daily drawings! Great idea! (And, since I already follow you both it's a bonus!)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, and for stopping by!

  2. Hi Andrea :) I love your sketch! It's so cozy-looking. And your sketchbook is super. I just read Michael's challenge and I'll be joining in too. I mentioned that my weakness is drawing, so this will be a great opportunity to practice too. That is some list! :)

    1. Yeah, I am a little over the top with my lists. It can’t be helped! I am so excited you are joining in as well, looking forward to seeing what you sketch!

  3. I LOVE this piece Andrea - anything with beautiful writing/calligraphy is always a favorite of mine!
    Your mug is pretty too - here's to many delicious hot chocolates over the cold spells we all seem to be experiencing this winter!
    Beautiful sketchbook - sure it inspires you for those daily entries.
    Mary -

    1. Yes, hot chocolate is just so comforting in this cold streak... I am sure I will drink too much of it! And yes, my sketchbook is almost too good to draw in!

  4. Double chocolate seems to be the best idea of the day. Yum! Your mug and the lettering are both so pretty.

    For now, I do good if I get one drawing done per week. So I'll settle for enjoying the daily sketches done by you and others who join in!

    1. I sketch all the time anyway.... this will just keep me focused and all in one place! I have yet to go check out the other entries but hope to get around soon!

  5. I was so please to see you plan to participate in Michael's new prompt. I hope I have time to come by and see your work. I truly enjoy it on Scribble Picnic.

    This is a lovely piece in your art journal. Lovely journal too.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I am looking forward to this, and appreciate your kind comments!

  6. your sketch is lovely, thanks for creating this sketching challenge!

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    2. I tried to reply but auto correct changed too much so I will try again..... the challenge just came about as we were talking, but it should be fun!

  7. such a beautiful page,, your work is amazing,, your sketchbook is very much like the one i use daily and I would love to join this challenge! You have a very long list of ideas and I can only imagine how beautiful you will interpret them ,,

    1. Thanks so much for all your encouragement, and so glad you will join us, the more the merrier!!!

  8. Beautiful sketch and a beautiful sketchbook too. No wonder you want to do something special with it. Good luck with whatever you choose - you certainly have a plethora of ideas.

    1. Yes, I do, always too many ideas! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great list adn write up for your lovely hot cho piece too, Andrea! thanks for joining in or maybe it's the other way around, but anyway, so glad there's a few of us here giving it a go. And look at you, already started.

    As always I love your writing too in the piece above. Fab sketchbook too. Thank you.

    1. Happy birthday today!!! Can’t wait To see what you create today! We have people using the hashtag already!

  10. I laughed when I saw your all inclusive list ... you are a brave soul. I am hoping to join in, but I will come up with my ideas as I go (seat of the pants, so to speak). I too use lists just so I won't forget to do things that I need to do, but I find them confining if there are things on them that I don't want to do, Ha! You are so much fun and one of the few "Andreas" I have met in my lifetime. I look forward to following your and Micheal's endeavor :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. It should be fun, glad you are thinking of joining in some.... I make a ton of lists, but I don’t always remember to actually use them! Ha

  11. great looking sketchbook and its a good idea to do a challenge like this with someone else too :) wish I could but way too busy with uni

  12. Love your plan and hope to see a lot of your work. I am just not a 'stick-to-it' kind of girls and committing myself to something every day just does not work for me. But, I wish you the best.

  13. fab looking sketch- I really love the handwriting Andrea! You have a great plan to keep yourself creative and challenged by having a partner. Happy PPF!

  14. Good luck on the daily sketching challenge, sounds awesome!

  15. Beautiful mug and hot chocolate is the best. Fantastic lettering. :D

  16. Hmmm, it must be blogger. . . I swore I posted a comment here the other day but now I see that it's not above! I was having trouble replying to comments on my own blog so that was all the same day I think. *sigh*

    Well, I was saying that I loved the idea for the sketch a day and that I am considering hopping in at some point and hoping it might help jumpstart my instagram since I still haven't made that happen yet. Though that actually is because I've realized it's made for posting from iPhones which I do not have/use. I've heard there are third party apps for it for iPad and laptops but I'll have to look into it.

    I want to get better at sketching and I know, full well, doing it every day is the only way to make it happen, so I think if I set a time limit and find a consistent time in the day to do it AND if I stick to sketching things related only to the world I am writing about for my book ( that will help me get over the "is it good enough to show" fears), it might be a less intimidating mountain to climb!

    Loved the hot chocolate sketch and the journal is beautiful! It's waiting for your art to make it complete!! :)

    1. Oh, I do hope you join in when you can!!!! So exciting to have more people playing along. And once you figure out how to post to Instagram it is soooooo much easier and quicker than a blog post. I did post to Instagram from my pc when I first started over a year ago, when I didn’t have an iPhone or Mac. I don’t remember how I did it.... it might have been thru Flickr or some other site.
      I have been having a terrible time with comments too lately.... I have finally figured out it is because Blogger signs me out randomly, so I think I am signed in, type a comment, it appears to have gone but because it said only “google account” below the box and not my sign in: fallingladies google acct, the comment just disappears. So I have taken to copying every comment so if it dissn’t Go I can sign back in and try again.... annoying!

  17. That is quite an impressive, and ambitious list. Can't wait to see more. :)

  18. This is a beautiful leather book for your art. I also love the list. Can't wait to see what you create.

    1. Thanks, it IS a pretty big list, I wanted lots of options, and I love lists!

  19. I really love your style and lettering! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Your artwork and sketchbook are both stunning! And I love the idea of a list. I feel inspired.