Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 3 inktober

Day 3 of #inktober2017  and I was just playing with pattern here, loosely following the given prompt of "poison". Not great pieces but still a learning experience. In the past I had almost given up using black pen, I used to have to outline everything with fine sharpies, then I got away from that a bit, or at least switched to pencil. It was a struggle to have a piece feel finished without black lines. So now using ink again, and this time non permanent ink has been a struggle. I realized i don't like it mixed with watercolor THIS way anymore. I am picturing just one touch of watercolor if any, (more like day 1 and 2) and put down first, not after. Although I do like wetting the lines and watching them blur just a little like I did in day1. If you are playing along, Let me know what you are learning from your #inktober so far...

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