Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 20 Inktober

I meant to post daily but this week got away from me.... so to catch up here is the inkiness for the last week. 

Plus the last few were quite so I did more than one a day... I think I said this before but the part when the ink touches the wet watercolor is so fun. I could easily run out of watercolor paper doing these. 

I may make them into  a small calendar. Not sure yet, but I need to start DOING something with all my art. I keep saying I will then I procrastinate.  
The plan so far is.... 
🐦clean up art in  photoshop so I can use it for the following...
🐦recreate a new website (I had one but let it expire)
🐦find a better print on demand site (Shopify, society 6 etc etc etc) and list many many pieces as mugs, tote bags, clothes, fabric etc etc etc 
🐦 finally start offering prints in my Etsy shop instead of just a few originals here and there in a half hazard fashion
🐦decide on at least 5 publishers of either kids art, children's book, greeting cards, home decor or fabric and actually SUBMIT art to them.
Hopefully putting it in writing will force me to follow through on this list. 
And thank you so much for all the positive comments and support as I struggle through this artistic maze. I do appreciate it so much!


  1. Andrea, your style is so wonderful. I love all the birds' paintings. Some are cute and so adorable. All are really beautiful.

  2. They are all lovely, #2 is my favourite of this week

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  3. Oh my gosh, I love every one of these! The birds are so adorable and I really adore that fall leaf at the end.

  4. They are all so sweet! I love them! Every single bird is such a wonderful artwork!

  5. I love them all. Your work inspires me try watercolor. I have never really done much with it.

  6. I love what you do with watercolor. Your birds are delightful. Happy PPF

  7. You have a gorgeous body of work now hope you do all of those things! Your work deserves piles of exposure!It's beautiful for all ages.

    Peace Giggles

  8. Wow these are great. The 3rd one is my favorite.

  9. I love the colors you chose for the birds! Gives each of them a very magical feel. :) Lists are GREAT!! It WILL help but keep it where you can SEE IT EVERY DAY!!!! That's always our downfall here. We're great at the lists but they end up staying in notebooks instead of being posted on walls, refrigerators, art tables etc. Like tacking up the "Way thru the Maze" directions at the entrance of the labyrinth and then wandering in without them. :)