Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A tour of my garden

I am going on a garden tour in my small town with my mother tomorow, so today I am giving you a tour of my garden. Nothing fancy, I would like it to be bigger, and I have plans for lots of cool garden decorations and stepping stones in between the checkerboard of boxes. And I wish it was healthier this year......It has been very hot, and  muggy, and too dry here for my small raised bed garden to be really thriving. My garden plants are much smaller than other years at this time. And yet we are still eatting zucchini and beets and I have been using my herbs. The only thing the critters have eatten are my marigolds, which were planted mostly just to deter critters! 
We live in town but near the edge so we get deer and bunnies and woodchucks, squirrel and bear.  The cats and the dog keep most of them away from our plants but I was worried the bear that kept coming around would eat all my berries. I saw him run off once when I took my dog out around midnight. And the next night he got in our garbage cans. Then a few nights later we were woken up by gunshots and men running around in our backyard with flashlights. The next morning, our neighbor, a sheriff's deputy, told us he and the town police officer had to shoot the bear that night when they saw he was sick. He had mange, i believe.
And yet while we were away something came in close to the house and ripped out one of my two watermelon plants, didn't eat it, just ripped it out. Overall though I would say we have been pretty lucky since we never fence anything in, (the fence in the photo is just a privacy fence that blocks our back yard from view from the road, it doesn't go all the way around.)

So here it is, looking pretty dry.......


Cherry tomatos

Rosemary and parsley


Cukes and my daughter's baby dragon

Brussell sprouts and cabbage

Butterball lettuce and rainbow blend carrots

More tomatos, we planted 7 types, as we make alot of canned salsa.

Blackberries, safe from the bear

Peppermint and sage

Lemon balm

Lavender, and winter savory

Silver mound, orange mint and lemon thyme

My new elderberry bushes


  1. Enjoyed this tour, wow! I think I have a blackberry bush, thought it was raspberries but they are black,lol.

  2. A beautiful garden Andrea! I love that you colorfully planned it out and to see it in it's mids-ummer form is lovely! No bears here that we know of but definitely some little hungry things. . . and the first batch of sunflowers we planted never made it as the small shoots were taken out and eaten, perhaps by a rabbit?

    We had meant to get photos of ours, especially when the snap peas were producing at a mad rate earlier in May, but now so much of it is just blahhhhh. lol But as it was our first year, we've planned a better one for next year already. :)

    Lovely, lovely world you've created there!! Enjoy the garden tour too!!

  3. It all looks very delicious and I would say you have done well with your gardens. We have a ground hog that lives on our hill and we literally had to cage in all of our plants to keep him out. It looks ugly, but it works :) Very nice post, Andrea ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Lovely garden and photos and wonderful garden art ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  5. what a wonderful garden full of goodies! Love your colorful illustration of it too. Happy PPF!

  6. looks like a nice useful garden :)

  7. Looks like you are getting just enough out of it for now and I'm sure things will pick up if the weather changes! Should be an amazing harvest. We grow rosemary all year next to the house!! Blackberry bushes are full this year and they grow wild everywhere! Cupcake has already harvested a few buckets so far since they were so early this year!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Looks pretty inviting to me and your plan is pretty too. xox

  9. You have a beautiful garden. I would call it very lush. Here in Texas, sometimes called Satan's armpit, it would take constant watering to achieve what you have grown.

  10. Wow, what an exciting place your garden has been!
    Not sure that i would like men running around my yard with guns! Even though all my neighbors seem to have them and shoot them.

    ummmm yum, so nice to have the results of all your loving efforts.
    Your map is wonderful.