Saturday, July 23, 2016

The historical society garden tour

Here are some photos from the local tour my mother and I just took. It was HOT out! But there were some really cute gardens, all different styles. At the first stop, a local artist was painting this gazebo in watercolor so that was fun to see. The brochure says that Rev Norman Vincent Peake often visited here in his time, spending his time writing in this garden gazebo.  

Then at the next  english cottage garden we got to listen to two women; one playing a recorder and one a violin... I don't have their photo as I didn't ask their permission.

Then this one was my favorite, I think. It was very french looking with lots of black and white. Black, cute little awnings and full window boxes, and a perfect little pergola, (I think that is what it's called...I don't know my garden feature terms) covered with grape vines....

There really was a lot of variety considering the size of the town we live in. I loved the little baby shoes turned into a tiny planter at this shady garden.....

At the next whimsical one, with at least 4 bottle trees scattered around, my mother helped by adding some garden decorations.... Crochet spiderwebs (which wonderfully and magically ended up appearing in my garden that afternoon after the tour- thanks Mom!) and crochet covered rocks.. And a wonderful quilt covered hammock in a shady garden "shed", complete with prayer flags and a copy of the 'secret garden' open to read. 

The second to last stop was a much more formal english garden with statues and a beautiful pool.

And very last was the largest hens and chicken garden I have ever seen!......

And since it is friday and I hate to miss a paintpartyfriday, here is a tiny rosy piece I painted to make into fabric. It is before any editing in photoshop to make it ready to post to where I make the fabric, since I haven't fixed my computer yet so don't have access to my photoshop. Zeplin, another of our (well, my daughter's) cats was trying very hard to stop my from getting a photograph.....

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  1. what lovely photos I like the crochet cobwebs..looks fabulous

  2. beautiful gardens and surroundings. Love those crocheted spider webs along with your roses painting. Happy PPF!

  3. Beautiful flowers and photos! I really like the bottle branches!

  4. Great pictures Andrea. Thanks for posting these.

  5. great photos of the different gardens :) neat to see how different they can all be

  6. I love norman vincent peale quotes! Lovely photos! Love your roses too! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I must have been terribly busy to have missed this post! What a beautiful tour of the local gardens!! We dream of being able to indulge in that type of gardening one day in the future. : ) Ohh Zeppelin. . . cats. . . ours loves to lay across all of my world-building notes and maps right as I need them for reference every morning. . . uncanny how they know isn't it?

  8. Simply beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing all the gardens. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. What lovely little roses and a helpful kitty! The photos are so beautiful too.