Friday, February 5, 2016


I am ruled by my lists
I need them
can't stop making them
and even put some of  them in my sketchbooks and make them pretty.
I wrote a bit about it here

everyday this year i have written down at least one thing that makes me happy,
something that I am thankful for,
something that makes my SOUL sing,
little everyday things
my mother and I have been doing this off and on for many years 
because of that book:
'10,000 things that make me happy'
I think that's the name at least....
here's most of January's list...



  1. Wow, this is impressive. What a great reminder to always be grateful! Thanks!

  2. Love this, and the way the color flows, and (white) not red wine and shrimp scampi thank you! xox

  3. What great pages! This is a very clever idea and it looks great. Thanks for sharing! Happy PPF

  4. What a great idea! Pretty work!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh, I love how you painted that list! That's something to put in a frame :-)

  6. I always so I should do lists, and I start great--then eventually flounder. BUT seeing them in rainbow color and possibly using one of my favorite pens puts them in the 'fun' category, and I am much more apt to keep it up. I'm inspired--thanks! xo

  7. Lovely idea and wouldn't take up much time each evening.
    I like your painted version, would look great framed on the wall, maybe your favourite ones.

  8. Beautiful idea and execution. And the handwriting too!

  9. The page is awesome!!! Love it! I make lists too, but none look this colorful lol ♥
    Did you use the water color marker?

  10. I love that list idea. I might try it, and it is especially lovely since you share it with your mother.

  11. Amazing . . . great idea and very colorful. Blessings, Janet PPF